Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long time no post!!!!!! xx

hey lovelies!!!

im currently working on my website! i never knew it would be this hard and time consuming!!!!!!!
so i thought i'd make a short post for the mean time!

anyways it's almost my mid term assessment on my Make Up & Special Effects course! i started this year and it's a 1 year course hehe
how have you all been?

i have instagram now! so if you like, you can see what i post up in my daily life :) just search me: joeydevivre

it's currently Winter in Australia! it now rains often :(

this year has been good to me! i'm not as busy like the last 2 years with my previous studies! now i have a little more time on my hands for blogging :)

i would love to hear from you guys! you gotta fill me up :)
and these are just a few recent pics of myself! do you prefer my old or new look?

take care guys!