Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yay Arrival of Items! <3

hello everyone ^____^
this week some of my packages have arrived!

(my look for today! and yes, i have short fingers ^_____^")

such as the Barbie KING Size Grey Lens! Though the seller had given me the wrong style of brown ones :( Instead of KING Size Brown, i had gotten Max Series Pure Brown! it is the same size as the Barbie ones, but the style is different! so i just kept it and paid $10 (including postage) to get the correct ones i wanted! now i need to wait for it to arrive again XD

(BARBIE Candy Magic KING Size Grey Lens)

and this is how it looks on me:

(BTW: please click on the images to see it in a larger picture! XD)

okay these are the Max Series Pure Brown lens i had gotten:

(sorry everyone i'm not going try these on because i'm not a fan of the style so i'm just going to sell them or give them to a friend XD)

BUT this is how they look like on Sayaka (from AGEHA) for an advertisement!

(these look more natural compared to the BARBIE KING Size Brown ones XD)

and also my GEO CTS-102 Blue Wing contacts have arrived! hehe

(i have not taken a pic of me in these yet, but i will for the next post XD)

and some of my Japanese cosmetics have arrived too!
such as the Palty Eyebrow mascara in Milk Tea Brown, the lightest shade from the series! <3
a better picture of the colour on my eyebows :)

and this is a picture for colour comparison to the other Palty eyebrow mascara i got a few months ago! it is the 2nd lightest shade :) can you see the difference in colour?

and finally, the Koji TAKAKO #8 Eyelashes, Cinema Classic! ^_____^

and it's so cool how it comes in a heart shaped case with eyelash glue!
to see how these eyelashes look on me, i am wearing them in the pictures in this post! XD

though i don't really like using the eyelash glue that comes with it, because i find it better to use double eyelid glue as eyelash glue! it is much stronger, even than the DUO eyelash glue too, i was also surprised that in a Scawaii magazine said the same thing too XD
so i use this Japanese double eyelid glue, called Eye Charm as my eyelash glue! i buy it on eBay because once again, it's cheap! it costs me ONLY $4AUS for 2 packs :)

(a pack comes with a double eyelid wand, since this is a double eyelid glue XD this has been my one and only eyelash glue! it's strong ^___^)

that's it for the item updates!

so today i went with a friend to the city to hand in my application form to study Fashion Design next year @ TAFE College XD it is competitive selection so part of the application process, i had to design/draw and do some research about fashion in 2010.
TAFE in Australia is like a foundation to study a course in University, so hopefully after 2 years of the course, i will be able to transfer to UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) and study Bachelor of Fashion Design! if i do, i will also be able to take 1 year off the course since i had alreay studied @ TAFE ^_____^
so, fingers crossed! fashion design had always been my dream career path i want to take since i was in Primary school XD but my plan B is to become a stylist in both hairdressing and make up!

hope everyone is doing well!
i am happy to see more people are interested in my blog, thank you everyone <3


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Shopping/Beauty Update!

hello everyone, long time no blog ^_____^"

my last major school exams are preventing me from having much time to blog frequently!
even though i graduated, i still have to sit these last exams :(
from the 5th Nov, i will be free to blog more :D

so here are a few updates from my life XD
i went shopping today at the city, and i bought a few things!

1. Black trim straw hat: $20AUS

since it is Spring in Australia, i thought buying this hat was the right time! plus i really like the style too, just right for spring/summer ^____^
infact, this style of hat was popular in Japan earlier this year too! but now it is fall/winter for them XD

(there is a flat bow on the side too! if you can see it XD)

2. B&W gingham print + bow intimate set: $10AUS!!!!!

my, this was a bargain! i bought this at the markets, which i rarely visit and i'm glad i have today! the style is so cute too! i think ill go visit the store again another day to buy more, they are all imported from China (a reason for the low price!) and luckily the seller knew the conversion of Chinese bra sizes to Australian bra sizes ^____^"

this is my look for today when i went out, it was taken when i got home XD

so my hair colour i had since my formal, has started to fade and it's gotten lighter with more orange tints :( and i miss being dark haired!
so i've ordered some Fresh Light Blythe hair dye in Brilliant Ash! from eBay of course, i checked for it in the Japanese stores today but it wasn't in stock :( so the total for 2 packs including shipping is $33AUS! XD

my hair has gotten really long, now i need to buy 2 packs of hair dye @____@"
i'm going to dye it before my friend's formal he invited me to, so keep an eye out for another formal post! ^____^ i'm excited to dress up again hehe <3

i also ordered 3 pairs of contact lens, from two different sellers XD

1. GEO CTS Blue Wing 102: $23AUS with free shipping ^___^

(these are from the Wing series! the more known colours are the Honey wing and the Ash wing!)

2. Barbie KING size brown & Barbie KING size grey: $55AUS for 2 pairs including shipping

(KING size Brown worn by Kumikey <3)

(KING size Grey worn by Sakurina <3)

these Barbie KING size series are very popular now in Japan and worn by many Popteen, AGEHA, EGG models ^___^ Sakurina is wearing the grey ones on this month's AGEHA cover! *see picture on right hand column!*

these KING size series are similar to the GEO Angel style lens! BUT there are differences!
1. Barbie ones are larger in diameter, 15.5mm
2. The colour is lighter in the Barbie ones so the brown or grey is more clear compared to the GEO Angel ones which are more subtle ^___^
3. The black circle ring in the Barbie ones are more thicker!

now they have released the KING size lenses in blue, green and purple :D
i personally prefer these Barbie lens compared to the GEOs :) i will post pictures on how they turn out on me when i receive them so keep an eye out for that too ^___^

i've also ordered 2 other Japanese cosmetics from eBay! XD

1.Palty Eyebrow mascara in Milk Tea Brown: $9.15AUS (the one i've ordered is the last from the right, it's more of an ash blonde shade!)

2. TAKAKO Eyelashes #8: $11.30AUS

(these TAKAKO eyelashes in #8 are also widely used by Scawaii, EGG models XD)

that's all for my shopping update! i can't wait for my packages to arrive and try them on and show how it looks like XD
i have a feeling my next few posts will be big ;)

so i have been deciding a while ago, after i finish my major exams, i am going to get my belly pierced :) though right now im working hard to get a flat stomach haha i have a little roll XD i think many ladies at this time is keeping fit for a summer beach body :)
it's hard work :O im trying to run more now, with my friend, who pushes me to run more, but after 3/4 long runs i get tired X_____X so unfit haha

hope everyone is doing well :)


Friday, October 2, 2009

Update: Formal + Graduation!!

so i had my formal on the 25.9.09, and i had a wonderful time :)
the night went by so fast though!
so this was my look for the night:

(my hairstyle: curled/teased/to one side, then added a cream flower hair piece)

i had styled my own hair and done my own make up! some people thought i got them done professionally ^___^"
i had also changed my hair colour after i had bleached it! if i remember, i used loreal preferences in dark blonde vienna! i am happy with this colour now than before <3

(my make up and hairstyle up front)

it had taken around 2 hours to do my hair and another 2 hours for my make up XD
i was happy with the end result! <3

(my friend and i, love her dress!)

(close up of my friend and i, love her hair and makeup!)

yesterday, on the 1st of October, i had finally graduated from high school!
i will miss my friends and teachers, especially the memories that was made! from the classroom to lunch time!

(my look on graduation day)

i hope all other current students will continue to cherish and enjoy each day of their remaining schooling! time flies by so fast...