Friday, October 2, 2009

Update: Formal + Graduation!!

so i had my formal on the 25.9.09, and i had a wonderful time :)
the night went by so fast though!
so this was my look for the night:

(my hairstyle: curled/teased/to one side, then added a cream flower hair piece)

i had styled my own hair and done my own make up! some people thought i got them done professionally ^___^"
i had also changed my hair colour after i had bleached it! if i remember, i used loreal preferences in dark blonde vienna! i am happy with this colour now than before <3

(my make up and hairstyle up front)

it had taken around 2 hours to do my hair and another 2 hours for my make up XD
i was happy with the end result! <3

(my friend and i, love her dress!)

(close up of my friend and i, love her hair and makeup!)

yesterday, on the 1st of October, i had finally graduated from high school!
i will miss my friends and teachers, especially the memories that was made! from the classroom to lunch time!

(my look on graduation day)

i hope all other current students will continue to cherish and enjoy each day of their remaining schooling! time flies by so fast...



  1. Wow..u look so kawaii in those pictures, love ur hair..Congratulations on ur graduation^^

  2. omg this is so amazing!!!! u look like a princess

  3. ooh wow, you're very talented in hair styling and makeup!! i love it! you belong in a gyaru magazine!! n_n

  4. Your hair looked so pretty (: Congrats on graduating!

  5. Love your blog, your hairs so pretty^^

  6. woaah you look so great ! * o * <3 cuteee~
    love your hairstyle very much~
    congratulations on graduating ! (*^-^*)

  7. love your hair!! so gyaru kawaii! XD

  8. Your hair is super sexy. I wish my hair was like that.