Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ahhhhh it's been so long!! Do you remember me? :)

hey lovelies :)

do you guys remember me? i hope most of you do!!!!!!
haha it's been so long since i've posted! last post was dec 2010...

so much has changed since then :)
i'm writing this post because a fellow friend and follower, cindy tang replied to my tweet about changing my tumblr to a personal blog, and she reminded me about this blog :)

i'll link you all to my twitter and tumblr :)


i don't have time to make such long blog posts like i have before, i'm sorry about that! so much has happened this year!
i'll make a quick catch up :)

(a very recent photo of me! do you guys still recognise me? haha i look a little different compared to before! what do you think? i had a dermal on my face for a year+ but i took it out last month to let it heal a bit...i will get it back next month? now i just use some shadow on the spot to make it look like a mole haha i really like it though XD)

* i've been so busy this year, i'm in 2nd year fashion now, i graduate in late November this year! im so happy and excited hehe
*i will not study advanced fashion for an extra year, because i have decided to study make up and special effects at college for a year, very very excited! i love fashion and make up has always been one of my interests! i figured it will be an advantage having fashion and make up certificates
* i have grown up :) i also lost weight too! my interests has changed as well :) i moved on from japanese/asian culture to just....being me hehe i don't have a particular type of clothing style now, i just embrace every type and i get inspired by it :) my make up style has changed too!
* i don't wear circle lenses anymore! remember when i used to be a big fan? now i just wear the natural sized ones, i really like grey, green and hazel! for that natural look :)
* i've got 3 jobs...2 retail jobs, one selling clothes and the other selling jewellery and the other is just a casual club job where i work at the register :)
* i have my own brand/logo etc :) it's called Joey de Vivre! sound familiar? haha it's not set but i'm working on it! i'm thinking of purchasing a domain and making my own website/personal blog :) i'll see how it goes!

ok enough talking, ill post a few pictures from a few months ago till now!

i look so orange in this photo! damn iphone camera haha but i did get a good tan in jan this year! my tan faded a little, so i can't wait to get tanned again when i go thailand in dec :)

i would love to hear from you! please twitter or tumblr me :) i am active on those two sites and facebook! but i de-activated my facebook recently to concentrate on my fashion work until i graduate :)