Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sydney Dust Storm + Palty Hair Dye RESULTS!

i woke up today around 5:30am to gusty winds, i looked out my window and i see RED/ORANGE coloured everything outside! i was wondering what was going on in my head, so i went back to sleep.

(Sydney Harbor Bridge [red])

i then woke up again at 7:30am and this time, everything outside was a yellow colour because the sun had come up by then.
i then realised by news, that Sydney experienced a dust storm! it was also hard to see things clearly as the dust storm acted like a fog!

(Sydney Harbor Bridge [orange])

my mum called, and told me i shouldn't go to school, and so i didn't :D
my aunty and her husband was supposed to arrive from San Fransisco this morning, but due to the dust storm, all international flights have been delayed and landed in Brisbane!
i believe this morning was a rare and lovely sight, it is my first time seeing the sky and everything else covered in such a colour! XD

okay onto my hair dye results haha
well after school yesterday i dyed my hair using the Palty Sparkling Blonde bleach dye, i had to use two packs since my hair was long and one wasn't enough =/

(The colour results you will get depending on your initial hair colour [black or brown] and the time you leave it on for [15 or 30mins])

so i left the dye on my hair 30mins, and this is the result:

(my bottom part of my hair is darker but i don't mind it that way ^____^" i am also wearing my GEO Grey lens in CM 901 <3)

anyway so i would say my top hair colour is the lightest on the colour result chart, and my bottom part is the 2nd lightest from the chart! i really like the conditioner given to use after washing out the bleach! it smells really nice!

this type of blonde, i think it is a yellow kind of blonde? haha though i will re dye it to a lighter brown soon, and i think i like me in brown hair more, or maybe im just not used to being in this type of blonde ^_____^"

so my formal is this friday! i am so excited ^___^
i will probably post pics etc on saturday or sunday hehe


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shopping/Palty Eyebrow Mascara + Trip to Tokyo, China, Hong Kong <3

hello everyone :)

i went shopping at the city today!
hehe i was so surprised, to see the Palty Eyebrow mascara in stock in a Japanese cosmetic store! i have been waiting for it to stock up for a while ^___^ if you want to see how it looks on me when i tried it out, please keep reading hehe!
too bad they didn't have the one in the lightest shade (see yellow package below) , so i just bought the 2nd lightest! there are 4 shades in total:

so here is the one i bought: ($26AUS)

since this is in mascara form (shorter in length than a common mascara though!) it is easy to apply to your eyebrows!

i also bought new pair of denim shorts for a steal of only $10AUS ^____^ its spring now, and now it is shorts/skirts/dresses season hehe spring and summer are my favorite seasons :D

so this is my makeup today when i went out (note: these were taken when i got home and tried out the palty eyebrow mascara ^__^)

(my usual eyebrow routine is using eyebrow pencil first, then shadow, then the mascara now :D)

i also bought this month's AGEHA :) and this month's Cosmopolitan ^__^ am going to read them now haha...
i will be shopping again tomorrow! i still got some accessories to buy for my formal haha :D

remember my previous post about my uncertain trip to Tokyo?
well my mother made up her mind and decided to let me go ^___^
even better, she is going to let me go China and Hong Kong which was my Plan B to go after Tokyo! i am so excited, Tokyo/China/Hong Kong from December to January!
too bad my 18th birthday (2nd Jan) won't be celebrated with my friends in Sydney :(

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend <3

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping update! & Trip to Japan in Dec?

hello! it's been a while again since i have blogged XD

well well, my PALTY HAIR DYES arrived! they actually arrived on the 2nd Sept haha
i can't wait to use them next week! ill be sure to post results so keep an eye out ^____^

(Palty hair Bleach in Sparkling Blonde)

so yesterday, i went to Westfields Parramatta for some formal shopping! my formal is next friday so i am very excited :D
i realised it is in one weeks time so i rushed to Westfields to hurry and buy what i need haha
these are what i bought, though i still got a few more to buy this week :O

1. MAC Eyelashes in #33: $18AUS (i will cut it individually to use as lower eyelashes)

2. Maybelline Mineral Power concealer in Fair: Light 0-1: $15AUS

3. Gold chain satin clutch: $20AUS

4. Gold and pearl chain Necklace from Diva: $17AUS

and finally...
5. VS Sassoon Pro-ionic Straighten and Curl hair styler: $60AUS

VS Sassoon is the main hair styling brand i buy and use! and this tool is so convenient and handy, i can straighten and curl my hair with this one baby! the curler is 38mm which is good for loose waves ^_____^

(this is how the curling part works :D it works like any normal curler!)

(to use the straightener part, just unlock the button on the top black cap and VOILA! the straightener is opened and ready to use like any other straighteners ^_____^)

This styling tool also came with a protective heat mat hehe

(sorry about the lighting! for some reason when i take pictures of black coloured things with my Kodak camera, it looks so light! @____@" i hope to get a new camera soon XD)

well thats the end of my shopping items i bought yesterday :D i will be shopping again this week to finish buying the remaining items i need for my formal!

i will be graduating from high school in 2 weeks on the 1st Octobter! i can't believe it's ending already, time flies so fast!

so after i finish graduating and my HSC exams which i finish on 5th Nov, i may be going to Tokyo with my friend and some other of his friends in December! It was such luck his friend decided to give his apartment in Tokyo to him for the time so we won't have to spend money on living in a hotel/apartment :D
i just need to get a few more girls to come with us so my mum will let me go! *crosses fingers*

if i end up not being able to go Tokyo with him, then my back up is going China and Hong Kong with my grandparents and cousin haha XD

hope everyone is having a good week :)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update: Shopping/Contact Lens/Palty Hair Dye!

long time no post XD i've been busy again...so now its time for an update hehe

i went shopping last friday and saturday!! on friday i went to DFO and bought these new pumps from Wanted for only $30!! it originally cost $110 :D such an awesome buy!

(this picture is from my Poupee Girl site! that's why it has ♥Joey♥ since it's my user name XD)

then on saturday i went to the city, and bought a new pink dress which i am planning to wear to my friend's birthday party this saturday, and a new stripe cardigan! :D

my order of the GEO CM-901 has arrived yesterday!! i tried them on and im so happy it turned out the way i thought it would be like in the advertisement!!

my order also came with a free cute lens case with some helpful tools :D it so cute! it is the shape of a bear's face hehehe

and this is how it looks when i open it! i put my new lens inside ^___^

i will be wearing my new lens this week so ill be sure to post a close up of how it looks when i wear it :D

my formal is coming up, and i originally wanted to dye my hair in a salon, then i decided not to, and to try Palty's Sparkling Blonde hair bleach haha i bought 2 packs on eBay, total costed me $47 incldusing postage! the price is cheap though, if i bought it in a store, it would have costed me around $25-30 each pack @_____@ so now all i do is wait XD

from changing dying my hair in a salon to DIY has saved me so much money ^____^
now i still have more things to buy, but i am within my budget so yey! i don't have to take out money from my bank again haha