Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping update! & Trip to Japan in Dec?

hello! it's been a while again since i have blogged XD

well well, my PALTY HAIR DYES arrived! they actually arrived on the 2nd Sept haha
i can't wait to use them next week! ill be sure to post results so keep an eye out ^____^

(Palty hair Bleach in Sparkling Blonde)

so yesterday, i went to Westfields Parramatta for some formal shopping! my formal is next friday so i am very excited :D
i realised it is in one weeks time so i rushed to Westfields to hurry and buy what i need haha
these are what i bought, though i still got a few more to buy this week :O

1. MAC Eyelashes in #33: $18AUS (i will cut it individually to use as lower eyelashes)

2. Maybelline Mineral Power concealer in Fair: Light 0-1: $15AUS

3. Gold chain satin clutch: $20AUS

4. Gold and pearl chain Necklace from Diva: $17AUS

and finally...
5. VS Sassoon Pro-ionic Straighten and Curl hair styler: $60AUS

VS Sassoon is the main hair styling brand i buy and use! and this tool is so convenient and handy, i can straighten and curl my hair with this one baby! the curler is 38mm which is good for loose waves ^_____^

(this is how the curling part works :D it works like any normal curler!)

(to use the straightener part, just unlock the button on the top black cap and VOILA! the straightener is opened and ready to use like any other straighteners ^_____^)

This styling tool also came with a protective heat mat hehe

(sorry about the lighting! for some reason when i take pictures of black coloured things with my Kodak camera, it looks so light! @____@" i hope to get a new camera soon XD)

well thats the end of my shopping items i bought yesterday :D i will be shopping again this week to finish buying the remaining items i need for my formal!

i will be graduating from high school in 2 weeks on the 1st Octobter! i can't believe it's ending already, time flies so fast!

so after i finish graduating and my HSC exams which i finish on 5th Nov, i may be going to Tokyo with my friend and some other of his friends in December! It was such luck his friend decided to give his apartment in Tokyo to him for the time so we won't have to spend money on living in a hotel/apartment :D
i just need to get a few more girls to come with us so my mum will let me go! *crosses fingers*

if i end up not being able to go Tokyo with him, then my back up is going China and Hong Kong with my grandparents and cousin haha XD

hope everyone is having a good week :)


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