Thursday, June 24, 2010

Break Ups & Heart Aches

hey everyone.

something sad happened today, my boyfriend broke up with me.
and i did say i will make a post about him and i!

(him and me at the grand opening of the club i promote for)

His name is Marc, 3 years older than me. he is half Filipino and Australian. we met on Dec last year through a mutual friend. Then we were an item on March 20th. We have been together for 3 months...

long story cut short:
some problems started to arise when i started promoting for a night club, and it came to a point where he wanted to break up, but i talked him into staying.
now that i think of it, that was wrong for me to do. i thought things were going well, as i would quit promoting and going clubbing for him. But noope, he told me how he felt last night and today we officially broke it off and i let go. i finally understood this relationship was going no where because he didn't allow us to move forward. i was the only one who keeps trying, and he wasn't making an effort, so i don't see the point in me trying any harder..

i realised i was blinded in a way by this relationship. i also realised i was the only one fighting to keep us together when he didn't really make an effort. i should have seen the signs.

(before we head out to the beach)

he was my 2nd boyfriend, since i don't play games because i prefer serious relationships. My 1st boyfriend an i was together for 2 years and 3 months.
but i am coping fine with this...i had a cry last night and today, i will build a bridge and get over it!

i know some of you out there have experienced the same/or something similar. but i am staying positive and you all should too if you are experiencing some hardships with your partner!

here are some pictures i'd like to share with you of our memories we shared!
many people tell me they expect me to date guys who are chinese/japanese/korean etc but i'm not picky as long as we get a long and stuff...

(the turtle we made together at the beach!)

it still hurts thinking back to the good times and memories we had made, even listening to some songs reminds me of him, such as songs we both listened to in his car...
we are both Supra lovers, and he owns one.

that night where he took me here and asked me was such a beautiful sight, i love the harbor bridge at night!

we went to play "Aqua golf" ! it was cool, it's like playing gold but you hit it into the water! lol

i loved surprising him with little things. such as these cute and yummy cupcakes!!!!

valentines 2010...

we both LOVED pocky!

it's sad that i have to give him back his apartment's sad to walkout the door and say goodbye to what we had. but i did not regret being with him at all, it was fun while it lasted.

we are always experiencing many things. i am young, you are young and we have so much more to experience and learn. of course i have learnt some things in our relationship, and it just makes me stronger and i can feel it.
i know if something is meant to be, it will happen one day!

the cute me2you bear he got me:

anyways, i have holiday soon, so i will blog more often! :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

UPDATE: Accessory Purchases + Make Up Looks

hey everyone :)

this is a post showing some of my purchases i have made recently! i bought new clothes too, but i haven't taken pictures of them yet XD

let's get started!
DIVA (Australian Jewelery store) was having their mid year sale so of course i took advantage of it hehe i think it's cheap! i wouldn't normally spend $30 on a necklace or ring lol

1. Native/Bohemian Necklace: $5 AUD

i love the details on this necklace! and the feathers add a great touch to it as well :)

2.Gold x Black set of Bangles: $7 AUD

3. "Love" Pearl Bracelet: $3 AUD

i think this is very cute! it has a dangling diamante at the end too hehe

4. Gold x Black Chain Bracelet: $5 AUD

love this bracelet! it has many charms on it and i love the hanging gold chains on it too!

5. Gold Antique look Ring: $5 AUD

6. Silver x Black Ring: $5 AUD

7. Black x Silver 3 in 1 Ring: $5 AUD

i love these kind of rings where you can fit 2 or 3 fingers on!
this style is very cool with a rock chic feel to it hehe

8. Pink x Gold Quilted Sling Bag: $30 AUD

i am in LOVE with this bag!!! it was love at first sight hehe
the bag is VERY soft, and i think it is very cute and feminine! the quilted design with the gold studs are gorgeous :) and not to mention the ruffles!!!! so cute

9. Silver Sequined Heels: $10 AUD

okay! so this look was created i think 2 weeks ago before i went clubbing! :)
i really like this look! the green shadow makes my eyes stand out!

How i acheived this look:

1. Highlight brows with white shadow
2. Sweep Green shadow all over lid and halfway through lower lid.
3. Add white shadow to inner corner of eyes
4. Eyeliner pencil around the eye, then set it with gel eyeliner + black eyeshadow
5. Mascara top + bottom lashes
6. Add top lashes + separate lashes to bottom outer lashes

a close up of my eyes...LOL i realised how dodgy i applied my false lashes haha please forgive me! ^___^"

the theme the club i went to (and work at) was "Winter Wonderland" so to get into the theme, i wore my white ear muffs i bought from HK :) the club even had snow machines!
it was really cool since it doesn't snow in Sydney! :( unless you visit other parts of Australia haha i've only seen/played with snow ONCE!

i have also recently deco-ed my purse mirror! i have finished it 2 weeks ago hehe i will post it up in my next post :)
my friend is an AVON Rep, and i have ordered 2 foundations and an eyeliner from her, so i will show you them in the next post too! this is my 1st time purchasing Avon products :)
i think i will also make a post about my boyfriend and i next time hehe

have a great week everyone!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

UPDATE: Make Up Looks + Purchases

hey everyone :)

im so excited to show you some of my make up looks i've created and some products i have bought :) let's get started!!!!!

* Golden x Brown Smokey Eye*

1. Golden Brown Shadow on lids and lower lash line:

2. Dark Brown shadow on outer corners on lid and lower lash line.
Then using a pencil liner, line around eyes while also creating a 'wing'.
Then set it with gel eyeliner and black shadow. Mascara and curl lashes:

3. Add false lashes on upper and lower lashes and add mascara:

* Silver Blue Eyes*

1. Use a silvery blue shadow all over lid and lower lash line.
2. Use white shadow on inner corner of eyes.
3. Line upper lash line, then set it with gel eyeliner and black shadow over.
4. Mascara top + bottom lashes.
5. Add false top + bottom lashes.

i'm wearing the *Silver Blue Eyes* make up look :)

* Purple Haze Smokey Eye*

1. Light brown shadow all over life and on lower lash line.
2. Purple shadow on crease and outer corner of the eye and lower lash line.
3. Line around your whole eye with pencil liner, then set with gel eyeliner and black shadow.
4. Mascara top + bottom lashes.
5. Add false lashes to top lashes only.

*Snowy Eyes*

1. White shadow all over the eye + lower lash line.
2. Curl and mascara top + Bottom lashes.
3. Add false lashes to your top lashes.

*Brown Smokey Eye*

1. Brown shadow all over lid.
2. Pencil line around your eye while making thicker lines from the outer corner to thinner lines to the inner corner of the eye. Set it with gel eyeliner and black shadow over it.
3. Curl and mascara top + bottom lashes.

*Dramatic Eye*

1. Light silver shadow all over lid.
2. Pencil line top lashes. Then DON'T line on your real lower lash line, but instead leave a small gap and line under it. Creating the illusion of larger eyes.
3. Set it with gel eyeliner and black shadow.
4. Use a white pencil liner and line your real lower lash line.
5. Curl and mascara top + bottom lashes.
6. Add false lashes on top lash and individual false lashes on bottom lashes. (make sure you put the falsies on the eyeliner NOT your real lower lashes)

i'm wearing the *Dramatic Eye* make up look :)

before i'm off to clubbing hehe XD

i was bored with plain coloured nails before, so i decided to attempt a Leopard print pattern on my nails! i was really happy with the outcome! i think it looks like a Leopard print pretty well XD
i used BYS nail polish in pink, yellow and purple!

i remember i made a previous post about the BYS nail polishes i have bought :) this Australian make up brand is starting to get popular in Japan! hehe

in the last 2 posts you may have noticed my blue nails! These are my current colour :) the brand is T.B.N in "Blue Fluoro" for $3 AUD!

i recently ordered 2 make up products from! since Australia doesn't have a SaSa store, i had to order online :(

1. Naris Up Waterproof Felt tip eyeliner: $8 AUD

i've heard many good reviews about this product, so i decided to try it out! i've never used a felt tip liquid eyeliner before so i'm excited to try it out :)

2. Eyelash Extension for lower lashes x2: $2.10 AUD each

do you remember when i bought a pair of these from HK's SaSa store? (shown in the front packet on the 1st picture) well, i've lost one of the lashes! (explains the empty side in the case) this happens sometimes, where ill leave eyelashes on the table, then my arm or hair will pick it up and it takes me a while to find it :(
so i had no luck in finding the missing half, so i was really upset! BUT i was saved when SaSa restocked them!!!! that explains why i bought 2 pairs, just in case i ever lose them again haha

i REALLY recommend these for your lower lashes! they have a clear base, they give that dolly look! and they are DEAD cheap!
but as you can see on the front packet, i have put mascara on them so it darkens the lashes and also clamps them up together forming pointy and spikey lashes which look really good! (i am actually wearing them on my 1st and 2nd make up looks!)

a few days ago, i've stumbled across these CHEAP AS eyelashes in a bargain shop!!!!!!!

i was so excited so i bought 3 packets each with a different style to try out :)

1. Style F-5 (thick and spikey lashes)

2. Style F-10 (long, separated and spikey lashes)

3. Style 056 (Long, spikey, fat lashes)

you can see that the outer lashes are longer than the inner ones :D
i haven't tried these out yet, but i'll be sure to post pictures when i do! and if im really satisfied, ill probably go back and buy some other styles hehe

well that's all for this make up update :) i hope it has inspired/helped you with some make up styles and technique! :)
my next post will be an UPDATE on my fashion/accessory purchases!
i have also decorated my camera with deco parts i ordered from Japan :) i will post up pics and show you how i did it! gotta love deco-den hehe

stay safe and have a great weekend!!!!!