Tuesday, February 23, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 3: BAGS

hello everyone!

time for my 3rd shopping post :) about the bags i have bought!!
still a few more posts to come! im saving the best for last ;) hehe

okay let's start!

1. Anna Sui inspired cream floral chain bag: 150元 = $25AUD

i love this bag! the design and style is so feminine and cute hehe
the back of the bag:

i also have the same bag but in black! i bought this last year in a shop hehe it cost $40AUD!

2. Tan studded sling bag: 35元 = $5.83AUD

the material is very soft! i like the studded details hehe

it also came with a small strap so it could turn into a handbag :)

3. Red studded chain handbag: 40元 = $6.67AUD

this handbag is so cool! it is completely covered in studs!!!

the bottom...very cool huh?? XD

4. Brown stripe chain bag: 40元 = $6.67AUD

this bag reminds me of chocolate! i like the stripe detail hehe

the side of the bag...the chain around the bag is cool XD

5. Charcoal studded bag: 65元 = $10.83

i like using this bag to college because it is large and stylish :)

it also came with a long attachable strap so it can turn into a sling bag :)
have you noticed that studded items are still popular? XD

my other friend went to see Tila Tequila and Jeri Lee earlier this week at Melbourne before they came to Sydney! XD

here are two pictures on how Tila looked on the night:

she looks funky and cute!!! ruffled corset...tulle skirt, studded belt, zebra tights...a very funky outfit! XD

up close of her outfit! ahhhh so cute i like it in my opinion :)
how about you? hate it or love it? hehe

have a safe week everyone, take care :)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Red Head!!

hello everyone!
how is your weekend so far??

i dyed my hair last tuesday!

this time i wanted a red shade, so i used this hair dye:
Schwarzkof Brilliance hair colour in Red Passion #43

this is the colour on the day i dyed it:
what do you think of the colour??

it has now gotten a little lighter!
though it is a dark red shade indoors XD

i went out to the city on Friday night for my friend's 20th birthday!
this was my eye make up:

i was supposed to go see Tila Tequila and Jeri Lee at Tank nightclub last night, but a situation had arise the day before so my friends and i did not end up seeing them :(

im hoping she will come back to Australia in the future!!!!

sorry everyone for the extreme lag of my next China+HK Shopping post!
i have been extremely busy and tired ever since i started fashion design...
it tires me out so much and i don't have much time to do a lot of the things i used to do when i didn't start yet :(

thank you for patiently waiting! i will post it on tuesday! :)

have a great week!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everyone!

how was your Valentines? did you receive roses and chocolates or teddy bears? hehe
did you celebrate it with a loved one, or friends? ^____^

me, i spent it with two of my friends :)
later my girl friend left early so it was just me and my other friend hanging out at the city :)

i was so surprised to receive these roses and teddy bear from him hehe
the teddy is so cute!!!

this was my look for the day!

this was how i did my eye make up:

1. Used cream coloured shadow and rose pink shadow outer corner (sorry forgot to take a proper picture without the eyeliner!)

2. Tight line upper and lower liner with pencil, then used liquid eyeliner on upper lid. Then set it with black shadow:

3. Mascara upper and lower lashes and add false lashes (used Japanese D.U.P eyelashes featured in previous posts) :

I also would like to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
did anyone get any red pockets? hehe

this Saturday, my bestfriend and i will be going to TANK Nightclub to see Tila Tequila and Jeri Lee LIVE!
i am so excited! we got VIP tickets hehe so we will be able to meet and greet Tila, take a professional photo with her and have access to her VIP room :)

(Tila Tequila!)

(Jeri Lee!)

i know that there are some people who don't like Tila, but i don't care what people say because i have no problem with her; just neutral :)
im just excited to see her come to Sydney! it will be a wonderful experience ^___^

i will be dying my hair RED tomorrow!
i am so excited! i've been red headed once, but i can't wait to be again!
i haven't dyed my hair for 2-3months now XD

(Last picture before i dye my hair XD taken yesterday!)

i will try to post my next China + HK Shopping Part 3 tomorrow along with the hair dye results! if i don't, i will post later in the week :)

have a great and safe week everyone!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 2: LINGERIE

hello everyone!

thank you for looking forward to my next few posts about my purchases ^___^
today's post will show you the lingerie i have bought!
they are so pretty and cheap hehe

okay, let's start!

1. Pink x White lace gingham print set: 18元 = $3AUD

i love this! the rose ribbon center is sweet

2. Teal x White lace ribbon set: 18元 = $3AUD

i love the bra design! ^___^

3. Leopard print x Black lace set: 18元 = $3AUD

the leopard print with black lace makes it sexy!

4. Lilac x White lace gingham print set: 18元 = $3AUD

i love the layered frilled lace! even on the straps XD

5. Zebra print x Cobalt blue lace set: 18元 = $3AUD

the zebra print is unique! the black and blue colour is sexy XD

6. Black x White lace satin set: 18元 = $3AUD

simple and girly! i love black x white items ^____^

7. Leopard print x Yellow lace set: 18元 = $3AUD

this is unique! it comes with an extra lace strap that you can tie around your neck! lol

8. Pink x Black lace Babydoll set: 35元 = $5.83AUD

this is so cute! it is also very soft and comfortable to wear ^___^
a close up of the babydoll top:

that's all now for this part! hehe my next post will most likely be next week!

i've started fashion design now, and it makes me very tired these days! my neck and shoulders hurt from sewing XD

hope everyone is having a fun and safe week!
Valentines is coming hehe do you have anything planned for it?
me? i don't know yet :)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 1: SHOES

hello everyone :)

unpacked some items today: Shoes i've bought!
i also replaced my keyboard with my brother's 2nd one for now so it will be much easier to type :D

things are so cheap in China and HK!
especially when $1AUD = 6元 (CNY) hehe which is so good! last time when i went in 2008, $1AUD = 4元 CNY lol
okay let's start! :)

1. Grey suede ribbon flats: 39元 = $6.50AUD

i love the ribbon detail with the small studs hehe

2. White + Silver sequined flats: 39元 = $6.50AUD

the silver sequins goes all the way around the flats!

3. Zebra print + Blue ribbon heels: 29元 = $4.80AUD

i love these!!! the blue satin ribbon makes it cuter XD

4. Red suede studded flats: 39元 = $6.50AUD

i love the studded look! when i was in China and HK, there are so many studded items! like shoes, bags, belts, clothing etc

5. White 14 eyed Dr. Martens inspired boots: 109元 = $18.16AUD

i love the height of these! not too short, not too high :)

6. Caramel brown boots with ribbon: 45元 = $7.50AUD

the ribbon detail is so cute!!!!

7. Dark brown suede button boots: 50元 = $8.33AUD

the boot style is the same as the Caramel brown boots! except there is a button detail instead!

8. Red ribbon flats: 45元 = $7.50AUD

9. Light brown cat slippers: 10元 = $1.66AUD

10. White heels: 59元 = $9.83AUD

11. White studded flats: 25元 = $4.16AUD

i love these!!!!! there are studs everywhere :D

i love the small and large studs hehe

so thats all for the SHOES category :) hehe
ill post up the next category early next week!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the warm welcoming back, and thank you for following me :D
it makes me happy that there are people interested in my blog ^____^