Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UPDATE + Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up!

hello everyone!

long time no post! fashion work has been occupying my time, and i have been spending most weekends with my boyfriend too ^___^

today, this will be an update post with some of my recent purchases and two Nana Suzuki inspired make up hehe :)

(sporting the Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #2 hehe keep reading for that part!)

don't worry! i have not forgotten about my China+HK Shopping posts! i have two more parts to post up :D

i have been shopping again lately, as i don't have much time to shop weekly like i used to :(
i bought many clothes but i haven't taken pictures of them yet!

1. Black Strap Sandals from Rubi Shoes = $10AUD

2. Dalmatian Print Beret from eBay = $7.30AUD

this arrived today! it was such fast shipping, in only a week! this was the last stock, i was so happy to buy it as i don't have a Dalmatian Print beret before hehe

3. Pink x Black Polka Dot Dress = $20AUD

how it looks like on me when i tried it in the dressing room:

i really like the back style! it's so cool :)
a close up of the front and back design:

i also wore this dress to my boyfriend's 21st birthday outing :)

okay, make up time!
I don't/don't want to look like Nana, this is just an inspired make up i have created for fun because i appreciate her make up!
i tried my best to create a make up style similar to Nana Suzuki's! it was easier for me to try because i have the main products needed since she uses the exact same too! which are the MAC #7 eyelashes, and the Rich Accent Eyelashes i have shown to you in my previous post!

Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #1:

(this was the picture i have chosen as my inspiration! i only focus on her eye make up style)

Nana mainly uses gold and brown eyeshadow! you don't have to follow it, but these shades are natural and are commonly used on Japanese magazine models! you can always go for a change and use different combination of shades!
She also mainly does not use eyeliner along her lower eyelashes, as she lines it a little below it to create the illusion of a fuller, rounder eye! this time i have not done that, instead i lined on my lower eyelashes.
(i should probably try that kind of eye make up one day and post it!)

okay, let's start! :)
1. I first used a gold/light brown shadow as a base all over my lid stopping at my eye socket. Then i used a slightly darker brown shade on the outer eyelid.

2. Then i tight lined with a black pencil eyeliner, then lined around my eye using Maybelline gel eyeliner. After that i curled and added mascara to top and bottom lashes.

3. Added top false lashes, using MAC #7 which i LOVE!

4. Added bottom false lashes,using Japanese Rich Accent Eyelashes :) i put two lashes on each eye, starting from the outer corner along my eyeliner:

VOILA! the eye make up is done :) Nana mainly uses a baby pink shade for her cheeks, along with light pink lip gloss hehe

(love these Rich Accent Eyelashes! if you don't have a SASA store in your country, you can purchase them online!)

Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #2:

(the picture i chose as my inspiration! again, i only focused on her eye make up)

when i created this look, i didnt take step by step pictures ^___^" i followed the same eyeshadow procedure like the first one!

this make up is similar to the first one! the only difference there is, is that i did not line my bottom lashes, used white eyeshadow and white eyeliner in my inner corner of the eyes, and only added one lower eyelash on each eye!

overall look of the Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #2 :)

i hope this has inspired you all! these two make up looks was my first attempt and i know it isn't 110% like Nana's but hopefully close enough ^___^
i will try two more different Nana Suzuki looks, only this time i will use COLORED eyeshadow, such as blue :)
please look forward to this! ^____^

last Saturday, i got my belly pierced!
i have always wanted it, and finally i have :)
it didn't hurt at all! there was only a short small pain when it was pierced, but after that it feels like there is no piercing at all! if you follow the aftercare procedures, you are all set for a safe healing!

(my best friend was with me and took this XD)

have a fun and safe week everyone! :)

meow ~

Monday, March 1, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 4: MAKE UP!!!!

hello everyone!!

this is going to be an awesome and interesting post!
i have been excited and eagerly waiting to post this up for you!! ^___^

NOTE: i bought all these makeup mainly from the SASA and BONJOUR stores in Hong Kong! some are bought from China in department stores!

okay, let's start!

1. D.U.P Aiku Maikawa #905 Eyelashes: 75元 = $12.50AUD

i have been wanting to get a set of D.U.P eyelashes! they are popular with Popteen, Ageha models!
this style is good too! ^___^

2. KOJI Linequeen Yellow Brown eyebrow pencil: 59元 = $9.83AUD

this is good! the pencil colour is pretty thick so it won't easily break when applying! the shade is lovely too hehe

3. be CREATION Chocolat Lash eyelashes with pink chocolate eyelash case: 69元 = $11.50AUD

i love this! the lashes are a natural style! i bought this mainly because i like the pink chocolate case! there is also a brown chocolate case version! but the lashes are a different style, more thick and voluminous XD
doesn't the case look so edible?? hehe

4. Eyelash Extension individual eyelashes: 15元 = $2.50AUD

these are long and thick! hehe

5. Eyelash Extension lower eyelashes: 15元 = $2.50AUD

the packaging looks good! i am happy i got these without buying it from the SASA online store XD

6. Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara: 79元 = $13.17AUD

i've always wanted to try this out! and i LOVE it! many of my friends (female and male) compliments how long and natural my eyelashes look XD

if you haven't tried this yet, i recommend you to!
the brush is fat, but this mascara doesn't deliver thick and voluminous lashes! it gives definition and length :)

7. KOJI Eye Talk double eyelid glue: 49元 = $8.17AUD

i never used double eyelid glue for my eyelids before, because i use them as eyelash glue! but i bought this because there was good reviews and some Japanese models use it! so i decide im going to give this a try :) the packaging is so cute!

8. MISSHA Dolly eyelash: 15元 = $2.50AUD

i like these! i've worn them in a picture of my eyes a few posts ago! they also look similar to the D.U.P eyelashes! XD

9. Maybelline Lasting Drama Eye Studio gel liner: 79元 = $13.17AUD

i bought this at the Maybelline counter in a department store! i've always wanted to try this! this is very popular in Japan hehe and they don't sell this in Australia! so i am very happy i got my hands on these!

comes with the liner brush too! can't wait to try it out ^___^

10. Maybelline VOLUM' Express Cat Eyes Mascara: 89元 = $14.83AUD

once again, they don't sell this in Australia! i love the zebra pattern wand! black x pink is my favourite colour combination ^___^
this mascara defines and adds length! the mascara is in comb form rather than a brush!

11. Maybelline Pure Mineral liquid foundation sample: FREE

i got this sample for free with my Maybelline product purchases ^___^
i tried it and i like it! it's so light and doesn't feel like its there!

12. Eye Charm double eyelid glue: 5元 each = $0.83AUD

in a post i made last year, i mentioned i use this as eyelash glue!
this is really good as eyelash glue in my opinion! i always use this for it ^___^

13. be CREATION Rich Accent Eyelash: 29元 = $4.83AUD

once again i've always wanted to buy this! some Popteen models use this as lower eyelashes and they make a great extension for upper eyelashes ^____^

14. be CREATION Rich Accent Eyelash #2: 29元 = $4.83AUD

these are my FAVORITE! they make great use as lower eyelash hehe even Popteen model, Nana Suzuki uses this often!

she is one of my favorite models! she is my inspiration for eye and hair make up! ill post up a Nana Suzuki inspired make up do next time!

okay, thats all for now! XD
i will try out all the products and post up pictures on how they look when i use them!
please wait for it, it will take a while since i am busy XD but i will do it for sure :)

i am so happy i have reached 200 followers!
thank you so much for reading, visiting, and following my blog!
your continuous and new support makes me happy and try my best to post up interesting stuff your you to read ^____^

see you next time!
have a fun and safe week everyone!!