Monday, January 18, 2010

Trip to China + Hong Kong :D

hello everyone!

long time no post! ^___^"
i have been busy, sorry!

tomorrow i will fly to China and Hong Kong for a short holiday!
it was a last minute decision made last 2 weeks ago so i won't be staying long, for 10 days only! :(
i was supposed to leave on the 13th, but tickets have been booked full :( so i will be going tomorrow morning and coming back on the 29th :)

my next proper post will be made in early February! so don't forget to look forward to it hehe :)

(blurry phone pic taken 2 weeks ago when waiting for a train at night XD)

when i went clubbing for the 2nd time 2 weeks ago, this was my eye make up for the night:

i went for a different look as i didn't use black eyeliner this time, but blue!

used only white and marine blue shadow! then mascara lashes

(wearing GEO CM 901 - tri colour grey lenses)

anyway, i hope everyone is doing well and being safe!
it will be Winter in China/HK! i will be looking forward to it as it is hot and warm in Sydney now XD hehe can't wait to do shopping there!!

i won't be on the internet when im gone, so ill see you all next month everyone, take care!


Friday, January 8, 2010

First Clubbing Experience + Items

hello everyone!

now that i am 18, this is the legal age in Australia where you can go clubbing!
so i went to my first club last night, and i LOVED it! i then went to a house party afterward and i am so tired right now! i am going clubbing again tonight in a different club :D

(my look and hairstyle for the night!)

this was my eye make up, the style is similar to my NYE make up except the lashes i've used this time are more full and dramatic!

1. Sweep white shadow as base, then use medium purple shade all over lid and darker purple shade in outer corner:

2. Used pencil eyeliner as a template then used liquid eyeliner to go over it. then set it with black shadow and mascara eyelashes:

3. Add false lashes (don't know what brand this is as i bought it a few years ago!):

the contacts i am wearing are GEO CM-901: 3 tone Grey! these contacts don't enlarge your eyes though! XD

this is what i wore last night, i bought it from a shop called ABYSS! they sell sexy clubbing and casual wear ^___^
it was on sale for $50AUD!

close up of the print details:

i am surprised how this dress is a AUS size 6! which equals to a size 0 in America @_____@

so i helped my friend order a pair of contacts! GEO CM-903 Tri Color Green! i bought it from for $38AUD!

i bought this bangle the other day on sale for only $2AUD!

and i played on a UFO machine and won this cute Korilakkuma Mini Plush charm in one go! hehehehe so happy i won something myself for once XD

i also ordered from Yuki last month, some deco parts for decorating my phone or camera XD
i forgot how much this cost in total exactly but im guessing it was $20AUD:

(i ordered pink and white clay roses in various sizes, gold chain 30cm, white heart pearls, light pink pearls, tiny blue pearls and a plastic cake <3)>

im going to prepare for tonight XD
hope everyone is doing well and having a great week!!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve + 18th Birthday!!

hello everyone!

sorry i haven't made a post yet, i have been busy since New Years Eve!
i went to the city with friends to watch fireworks hehe
then yesterday the 2nd, was my 18th birthday :D

This was my eye make up for NYE:

1. Used black, medium silver and light silver shadow:

2. Used pencil eyeliner as a template then used liquid eyeliner to go over it. then set it with black shadow and mascara eyelashes:

3. Add false lashes, used MAC #7:

my hair for the day:

So last night i threw a house party for my 18th birthday :) i am finally legal haha
i dressed up as a playboy inspired bunny! haha

(me and my mummy)

the back of my outfit XD

a very happy birthday girl ^_____^

tipsy halfway through the night! XD

my bestfriend and i ^____^

i received a range of presents from perfumes, chocolates, notebook, Westfield Shopping giftcard, money from my parents and grandparents.
I was surprised to come home and find a new camera on my bed from my dad! i've always wanted a new camera ^___^

(Sony Cybershot DSC-W180 in red)

so how was everyone's new years? i hope this new year will be a great year with a fresh start and new memories to make ^____^

be safe, party hard and enjoy! :)