Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to Black + EYEMAZING!

hello everyone!

i got my hair dyed back to black a few days ago XD
i haven't been blacked hair for SO long, maybe a year or two hehe so i decided to get back on the dark side!

i'm planning to dye my hair blonde in February or March ^___^ but right now im loving the black!
what do you think?? light or dark hair for me? XD i'd love to hear your opinions!
here are some pictures!

(this is the dye i used! Garnier 100% Color in 010 Intense Black! $10AUS per box)

(my make up for today ^____^)

(my hair style for today, added something different :P)

i think my hair is like blue black sometimes XD

i just came home from a day at the city and a movie night with my friends! we watched New Moon! i've read the Twilight Saga and i think it's pretty nice, i like both movies too, but some of my friends disagree haha XD has anyone watched it yet??

so i was checking out updates for Tsubasa Masuwaka's blog, and i've found this picture:

looks like CandyDoll will be releasing TWO more products! looks like a new blush and highlighter shade ^___^ again, the product design is so damn cute! they sure know how to attract females ;)

i would also like to introduce you to another Japanese model's new line of eyelashes, produced by Popteen model, Jun Komori! her products are called EYEMAZING hehe

(this picture is an advertisement of her wearing the new line of eyelashes No.003!)

here is the range: No.001, No.002 and No.003

(pretty EYEMAZING huh! XD)

is coming! wow i can't believe it's almost the end of another year! wow time goes by pretty quickly! hope everyone is going to have an awesome christmas and new year :D


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Formal + CandyDoll <3

hello everyone!

i should have posted yesterday but i was so tired from the after party @ an apartment XD i had to catch up on some sleep haha
anyways when i got home i realised i haven't taken many photos from the formal! @___@
so sorry! >_____<"

(pic of me and a friend @ the venue =D she's so pretty! she's half Korean/Japanese ;D)

see the dress i wore? i bought it last week for only $50AUS hehe ^___^
i love black and white clothing and this dress (short) is pretty! the bow makes it more cute :P

(close up pic of the dress ^______^)

remember the L.A Colors nail polish i bought? well i tried on the silver shade for the formal!
i really love the shade! it's glittery, and of course, silver! haha when i saw a picture of Lady Gaga with silver nail polish, i thought hey! i haven't tried on such a shade before and it looks really cool, so now i finally have and loving it ^__^

(L.A Colors Nail Polish in "Live" $2.50AUS)

so now i would like to introduce you to a new make up brand in Japan, CandyDoll, produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka who modeled for Popteen magazine for years and now models for Popteen's older sister magazine, Popsister which is aimed to younger adults instead of teens ^____^

(Tsubasa with her Hubby, Umeda before a photo shoot =D)

Quick info about Tsuba chan:
She is 23 years old and very popular and well known to young Japanese girls for her modeling and marriage to her long term boyfriend, Naoki Umeda, who is 27 and also a model for Men's EGG magazine for a long time now :P they have a baby boy together, Rion ^___^
She has also released a new range of Eyelashes very recently!

(Tsubasa Masuwaka's latest eyelash range which includes upper lashes and lower lashes <3

Here are the products she has produced so far for CandyDoll in order of production! you can visit the site too: www.candydoll.jp

1. Candy Pink lip gloss (First product released from the brand alongside the Concealer, again the packaging is adorable!!)

2. Lip concealer (when this is used with the lip gloss, it becomes a pretty baby pink shade! <3 a lot of models from Popteen, Scawaii, Egg etc likes to use these alone, together or mix and matched with other lip products! XD)

3. Mineral Face Powder (this is the next product released after the lip products! so far this is the only shade made which is a light ivory shade since most Japanese models like to be very white/light skinned XD)

4. Highlight Lip gloss & Concealer *pictured left* and Highlight lip concealer *pictured right* (again, these can be used together, seperately or mix and matched!)

5. Blush (this and the Highlighter are both the latest releash from CandyDoll!)

6. Highlighter (a very light pink/almost purple shade)

i can't stress how CUTE the packaging are for all of these! im loving the stripes and the pictures used on the packaging ^____^ makes me wanna buy them all!
though i have been searching for online sellers if they sell any of these, but so far no luck =(
i would LOVE to get my hands on these! XD

so that's all for now ^___^
have a great day everyone!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

QUICK Formal Picture Post!!!!

hello everyone ^____^

today is my friend's formal as i am going as his date XD
i started doing my hair @11am and i finished @1pm so it's 2hours again like my first formal haha and my make up took me 1.5hrs hehe
i'm so excited about how everything turned out so i HAD to post them up to show you!!

(remember to click on the pictures to see it larger =D)

(this is the mask i bought yesterday! the theme is a masquerade XD)

(do you like the hair? hehe XD)

(my make up, i tried a different eye style! this time i did not use any false lashes XD)

(this is the wrong time to have a little pimple on the bridge of my nose @_____@" haha)

so what do you think about the make up and hair everyone? please let me know your opinions ^____^ anyways i have to pack things into my purse and meet my friend XD i'm so hungry! but i'm saving my stomach for the food there hehehe =P

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! i am hehe ^___^
i'll be home on monday arvo, so i'll be sure to post up more pictures from the formal! ;)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Makeup + Holiday Postponed!

hello again everyone :)

i went to the city yesterday to catch up with my friends! it's getting harder now that we don't see each other 5 days a week since we don't have school anymore! @____@
just wanna show you guys the Barbie KING Size Brown lenses i wore yesterday hehe

(my look for yesterday! my hair is so light here @___@)

i realised how comfortable these Barbie lenses are when i wear them! It also enlarges the eye very much ^___^ since they are 15.5mm in diameter XD

(Barbie KING Size Brown lenses)

please don't mind about the little pink thing in the corner of my right eye ^___^" since you guys may notice that in every close up pic i take XD i was born with that and the eye specialist doctor said i won't need to remove it by an operation unless it interferes with my eyes and eyesight...so far it hasn't =)
but normally it isn't so noticeable ^___^

i've been thinking for my next hair dye, i want to go in a dark shade, so i'm deciding if i should use Palty in Bitter Cappucino which is a dark brown shade, or just dye it pitch black with an American brand dye such as Garnier or Loreal XD i haven't had black hair for years! @___@

(Dariya Palty hair dye in Bitter Cappuccino ^___^ the model is so pretty!)

so today i bought two new nail polishes ^___^ i haven't painted my nails for a while now, and i really need to grow them longer! but it gets in the way when you use contacts with long nails XD
i remember i chipped my first pair of contacts by accident because of my long nails and i didn't know how to handle contacts then XD

(L.A COLORS Nail Polishes! the left is "Live" and the right is "Wired" both cost $2.50AUS)

"Live" is a glittery silver shade, but i'll post a pic up later when i use it XD
"Wired" is a shiny electric blue shade! i love both of these <3 i used Wired first, so here's how it looks:

(L.A COLORS Nail Polish in "Wired" wow it also looks matte in this picture XD)

so about my Holiday to Japan, China, HK, it has been postponed :(
my holiday plans have been changing back and fourth due to my family who keeps changing their minds/opinions @___@
so now i have made the decision to postpone this holiday to mid next year! I'm not even sure if i'll be able to go Japan mid next year since I was originally supposed to go with my friends next month, unless i find other friends to go with XD so right now i know i am going China, HK and maybe Taiwan with my family next year ^____^

the Formal is in 3 days! yey ^_____^
have a nice day everyone :D


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quick Update =)

hello everyone!
this a quick post for some items and results of my hair dye :D

okay here goes!
my best friend dyed my hair for me on Sunday with the Fresh Light Blythe hair dye in Brilliant Ash x2!

(Day 3: taken in front of a window, natural light, no artificial light in background)

i like the results! though i expected it to be more darker, but i guess the doll image and the online image (see the 2nd post from this) was misleading because it was different compared to the back of the package and end result! (see picture below)

my hair in the sunlight and in artificial light seems more lighter than the lightest shade on the box chart. Though when im indoors, its much darker, like the middle shade on the box chart! XD
i really hoped my hair would be darker even in the light! =( next time i'll try another Palty hair dye once i get regrowth XD

so this was my "before" hair colour taken last week before i dyed it XD i also had regrowth too! though you can't really see it properly in this picture hehe

see? no more regrowth visible ^_____^

i like how my hair has some really light ash/nearly 'green' looking parts, mainly on my fringe XD

okay remember my GEO CTS-103 blue wing contact lens? i took some pictures of it :)
this was taken last week:

and this was taken today at the end of the day (explains my smudged mascara/shadow XD)

so i really like these blue wing lens! when i look to the side or above, it makes a 'marble' effect! here's an example, also taken last week XD

this reminds me of GEO Blue Nudy Quarter lens! though the Wing series are more 'smoother' looking than the Nudy Quarters, as they have a pattern that makes your eyes tearful and shiny! Here's an example:

(can you see the difference in pattern but similarity in colour? XD)

speaking of contacts, my Barbie KING Size Brown contacts have arrived last week! *cheers*
this is a pic of them in their bottles, and i will open them tomorrow to use, i'll be sure to take another pic of how it looks like tomorrow =)

so i made two comparison pictures to show you guys the difference between a GEO Angel lens and a Barbie KING size lens! this will show the differences between these two even though they look similar in a way!

1. GEO Angel Brown v.s Barbie KING Size Brown:

(both pictures are Yunkoro's eye, a model in EGG Magazine ^___^)

2. GEO Angel Grey v.s Barbie KING Size Grey:

(both pictures are from different Japanese people ^____^)

hope these pictures help as well as my previous explanation of both these lens XD
if anyone is interested in buying some Barbie KING Size lens, im happy to link you the seller i bought them from! they now come in blue, purple and green just like the whole GEO Angel series hehe

so that's it for my update ^____^ my next post will probably be on Saturday or Sunday, as i have to go to another formal my friend asked me to as his date XD
i bought my dress today and pumps the other day! can't wait to dress up again, please keep an eye out for it! ;D

these days the weather is constantly changing! @_____@ first sunny/warm then gloomy/cold, that's Spring for Sydney XD

hope everyone is having a great week!!