Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quick Update =)

hello everyone!
this a quick post for some items and results of my hair dye :D

okay here goes!
my best friend dyed my hair for me on Sunday with the Fresh Light Blythe hair dye in Brilliant Ash x2!

(Day 3: taken in front of a window, natural light, no artificial light in background)

i like the results! though i expected it to be more darker, but i guess the doll image and the online image (see the 2nd post from this) was misleading because it was different compared to the back of the package and end result! (see picture below)

my hair in the sunlight and in artificial light seems more lighter than the lightest shade on the box chart. Though when im indoors, its much darker, like the middle shade on the box chart! XD
i really hoped my hair would be darker even in the light! =( next time i'll try another Palty hair dye once i get regrowth XD

so this was my "before" hair colour taken last week before i dyed it XD i also had regrowth too! though you can't really see it properly in this picture hehe

see? no more regrowth visible ^_____^

i like how my hair has some really light ash/nearly 'green' looking parts, mainly on my fringe XD

okay remember my GEO CTS-103 blue wing contact lens? i took some pictures of it :)
this was taken last week:

and this was taken today at the end of the day (explains my smudged mascara/shadow XD)

so i really like these blue wing lens! when i look to the side or above, it makes a 'marble' effect! here's an example, also taken last week XD

this reminds me of GEO Blue Nudy Quarter lens! though the Wing series are more 'smoother' looking than the Nudy Quarters, as they have a pattern that makes your eyes tearful and shiny! Here's an example:

(can you see the difference in pattern but similarity in colour? XD)

speaking of contacts, my Barbie KING Size Brown contacts have arrived last week! *cheers*
this is a pic of them in their bottles, and i will open them tomorrow to use, i'll be sure to take another pic of how it looks like tomorrow =)

so i made two comparison pictures to show you guys the difference between a GEO Angel lens and a Barbie KING size lens! this will show the differences between these two even though they look similar in a way!

1. GEO Angel Brown v.s Barbie KING Size Brown:

(both pictures are Yunkoro's eye, a model in EGG Magazine ^___^)

2. GEO Angel Grey v.s Barbie KING Size Grey:

(both pictures are from different Japanese people ^____^)

hope these pictures help as well as my previous explanation of both these lens XD
if anyone is interested in buying some Barbie KING Size lens, im happy to link you the seller i bought them from! they now come in blue, purple and green just like the whole GEO Angel series hehe

so that's it for my update ^____^ my next post will probably be on Saturday or Sunday, as i have to go to another formal my friend asked me to as his date XD
i bought my dress today and pumps the other day! can't wait to dress up again, please keep an eye out for it! ;D

these days the weather is constantly changing! @_____@ first sunny/warm then gloomy/cold, that's Spring for Sydney XD

hope everyone is having a great week!!



  1. I think Ash toned hair color is much more nicer it looks more natural ^_^

    I'm loving the GEO Angel Grey lenses! Its to bad they don't come in king size cos the Barbie Grey lenses seem to look different.

    I ordered the Takako Cinema Classic Eyelashes on ebay :P

    How long did it take till you got yours in the mail?

  2. That ash color on your hair looks lovely. And its great for the autumn. Im still waiting for my Prettia honey brown to come. Yes the wings series are the best-i have the ash, purple and brown and they are all very natural looking!

    I got a photoshoot this week so im gonna be wearing a pair of them!

  3. Looks great ^-^
    Oh wow, which eye lashes do you use? *___* I want them ~ Answer as recomment at my blog, okay ^-^

  4. i LOVE the new ash colour! it's gorgeous!
    and the Barbie King Size Browns are amazing aswell! where do you order your contacts from??
    Michelleyyy X

  5. i love your hair!!!
    wish i can do mine again~

    and can i know the seller of some barbie king size lens?

  6. hehe okay everyone i'll reply to your blogs ^____^

  7. Woww i love the color of your hair ^^, you are lucky to use that brand, in France Palty doesn't exist XD

  8. your haircolor is awesome! i love ash colored hair too, im thinking of making my hair more of that color again.. reminds me of aina tanaka's hair!

    and great review on the lenses.. MAN YOUR EYEMAKEUP and EYELASHES are perfect , just like in the japanese magazines..

    XD if you have the link to the seller, id greatly appreciate it! i want to buy more circle lenses again XD

  9. Hi!~~~
    I would like the info about the Barbie series lenses reseller!~~ I really like them! Also, where did you get the mascara from Palty? I wanna get my hands on that to..!!

    Thanl you!~~

  10. wats the link for ordering king sixe grey? thanks