Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Formal + CandyDoll <3

hello everyone!

i should have posted yesterday but i was so tired from the after party @ an apartment XD i had to catch up on some sleep haha
anyways when i got home i realised i haven't taken many photos from the formal! @___@
so sorry! >_____<"

(pic of me and a friend @ the venue =D she's so pretty! she's half Korean/Japanese ;D)

see the dress i wore? i bought it last week for only $50AUS hehe ^___^
i love black and white clothing and this dress (short) is pretty! the bow makes it more cute :P

(close up pic of the dress ^______^)

remember the L.A Colors nail polish i bought? well i tried on the silver shade for the formal!
i really love the shade! it's glittery, and of course, silver! haha when i saw a picture of Lady Gaga with silver nail polish, i thought hey! i haven't tried on such a shade before and it looks really cool, so now i finally have and loving it ^__^

(L.A Colors Nail Polish in "Live" $2.50AUS)

so now i would like to introduce you to a new make up brand in Japan, CandyDoll, produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka who modeled for Popteen magazine for years and now models for Popteen's older sister magazine, Popsister which is aimed to younger adults instead of teens ^____^

(Tsubasa with her Hubby, Umeda before a photo shoot =D)

Quick info about Tsuba chan:
She is 23 years old and very popular and well known to young Japanese girls for her modeling and marriage to her long term boyfriend, Naoki Umeda, who is 27 and also a model for Men's EGG magazine for a long time now :P they have a baby boy together, Rion ^___^
She has also released a new range of Eyelashes very recently!

(Tsubasa Masuwaka's latest eyelash range which includes upper lashes and lower lashes <3

Here are the products she has produced so far for CandyDoll in order of production! you can visit the site too: www.candydoll.jp

1. Candy Pink lip gloss (First product released from the brand alongside the Concealer, again the packaging is adorable!!)

2. Lip concealer (when this is used with the lip gloss, it becomes a pretty baby pink shade! <3 a lot of models from Popteen, Scawaii, Egg etc likes to use these alone, together or mix and matched with other lip products! XD)

3. Mineral Face Powder (this is the next product released after the lip products! so far this is the only shade made which is a light ivory shade since most Japanese models like to be very white/light skinned XD)

4. Highlight Lip gloss & Concealer *pictured left* and Highlight lip concealer *pictured right* (again, these can be used together, seperately or mix and matched!)

5. Blush (this and the Highlighter are both the latest releash from CandyDoll!)

6. Highlighter (a very light pink/almost purple shade)

i can't stress how CUTE the packaging are for all of these! im loving the stripes and the pictures used on the packaging ^____^ makes me wanna buy them all!
though i have been searching for online sellers if they sell any of these, but so far no luck =(
i would LOVE to get my hands on these! XD

so that's all for now ^___^
have a great day everyone!!



  1. Aaah thanks for the links ~
    I love your dress, loooks very pretty ^-^

  2. omggg you look amazing in that picture! the dress is amazing aswell. love the bow and the way it's short.
    thanks for tsubasa's make up update, wish i can get my hands on those products...but not in japan..><"
    really interesting post! thank you <3
    Michelleyyy X

  3. ooh i love the dress & nail polish! ^-^

  4. very cute dress!!
    I love Tsubasa, her and umeda make such an adorable couple. ;p

  5. U look so beautiful.. loved the dress >_< where do you buy your eyelashes, make up and stuff..
    and how do you do your hair? do u know any good tutorials?

  6. I love the candy doll brand its super cute :D

    That dress is awesome!~

  7. which ebay sellers do u buy from? lol sorry for too many questions.. i just love ur style?!!!!

  8. Cute dress:) I like your blog aswell:)
    I'm on a hunt for Tsubasa's false lashes,no luck so far.I've got a seller( http://ichibankao.com/Misc_Lips.aspx ) saved in my bookmarks who I've just brought candy doll powder from.
    They only have the lip glosses and powder at the moment, I haven't yet got round to asking if they'll stock her lashes or blush when their out.
    Hope that helps in your search:D

  9. wow that dress is super cute!

    and you look so cute too!

    And aww I want Tsubasa's new lashes and her candy doll makeup line is so gorgeous! you're right about the pretty packaging! i want the lip gloss so bad!

  10. thats wrong.. with naoki... they was not really long together before she get pregnant in my december 2006 popteen magazine she had an other boyfriend... she came with naoki together after 3-6 month relashionship she get pregnant and than they get merried... and there is just one question.. ther eis always a little kid with naoki.. and tsubasa said oneda yin her blog that that girl call her soemthing liek second mother.. so naoki have a daughter and a son now^^

  11. hmm so depressing >x< i used palty before, i had black hair, as the box predicted it changed from black to dark brown, but i want it a lighter colour. I want to use palty or similar brands again, but how do you make it lighter so it will turn out the colour same on the box model?