Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 days of Shopping <3

hello everyone!

how was your Christmas? new years is on its way yay ^____^
in Australia and some other countries, have a big shopping event, the Boxing Day Sale! it always happens on the 26th :D it is when shops has big sales! hehe so i went shopping yesterday and today! i bought quite a few things for great prices!

1. Grey Stripe + Black Vest Top $15AUD:

i really love this shirt! it is so stylish and what a bargain! :D
there are black sequins on the vest and down the shirt as you can see XD

a cool feature of this shirt is the chains on the cuffs!

i love the chain between the vest! so cool XD

2. Hello Kitty Print T-Shirt $10AUD:

again, i bought this in a size bigger! (Size M)

3. Black & White Stripe Heels $45AUD:

i love the white heel! makes it more stylish ^____^

4. Colbalt Blue Patent Pointed Toe Heels $30AUD:

5. Black & White DELYLE Style Skirt $7AUD:

6. Cream Studded Chain Sling Bag $30AUD:

this bag looks sporty but stylish and cool at the same time XD
and its so cool because i can zip/unzip the shoulder handle part! (see 3rd picture)

7. Chained Pearl Necklace $5AUD:

this is super hot! i love the clustered heavy look!

8. Set of 5 Gold, Pearl & Black Bangle Collection $5AUD:

9. Gold Chains on Black Cuff $5AUD:

10. Cream and Gold Ring $5AUD:

11. Pink & White MILK Phone Strap Set $4.50AUD:

this is so damn cute ^_____^ Milk Bottle and Milk Carton Set hehe

so thats all i bought in these 2 days XD
there were so many people shopping! it was so crowded, we even had to line up in a LONG line just to get into some stores, and even line up to pay for something! haha

im looking forward to new years eve! i got my outfit ready and i can't wait to celebrate with friends :D are you all ready for the new year? :D


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet like Sugar

hello everyone!

i never edit my pictures, but i was bored last night and decided to edit 2 pictures for fun using a Chinese editing program, here they are:

it's amazing how a little editing can really change a picture! XD

i went out with Timothy and his friends today! went to the city for purikura, karaoke and Korean restaurant XD i love my karaoke! <33

i also bought two cake charms on the way home! i love these stuff they are so cute and look so edible!! one day i hope to try making one of these stuff haha

black forest cake and strawberry cake charms $3AUD each:

even better these cakes smells SO good! it smells so sweet and edible! haha XD it's spongy and soft too <3
im planning to give the black forest cake on to Timothy and the strawberry cake for myself ^___^

even the bag the lady put the charms in is super cute!

my mum bought me this nail polish a while ago! she knew i wanted a baby blue colour so she got me this! it was funny because i tried it on last night and the colour wasn't metalic light blue in person, but more of a silver metalic shade! it looks metallic blue in the picture though XD

haha i actually wanted a pastel blue shade...but i thank my mum for trying, i like the shade though! ^_____^

(i don't know what brand it is XD)

i have this cork board in my room for so long, and i havent decorated it yet, so i started recently by decorating the border! next ill find some pictures to stick on XD

(the pictures next to the cork board are pictures of friends and i and ive printed them out and stuck them like a collage on my wall ^____^ such great memories! <3)

this is what ive used to decorate the border, dotted ribbon and lace together! so handy i wont have to stick them on seperately because they are stitched together!

colours include lilac, hot pink, light pink, light blue, light green, $2AUD each:

so pretty!! <3 just one packet of these fit around my cork board border! :D

counting down the days till xmas, new years and my birthday ^____^


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chocolate Love

hello everyone!

i ordered some headphones in November and they came a few weeks ago ^___^
these are called Mix-Style Headphones! they have been released last year or later, and are popular around Asia such as Japan, China and Korea! it's product design and brand is from Japan =)

(my look from yesterday wearing the headphones XD haha my hair has gone a lighter brown! though my under layers are pitch black @____@)

(the packaging it came in *the box was pretty dented from shipping but the headphones were safe!* ^____^)

(the whole headphones)

(my favorite part, the pink/black star design!! Mix-Style also sells Skull style and Stripe style too!)

Mix-Style headphones are also featured in past Ageha Magazines and Tsubasa Masuwaka wearing them for a CD Cover! i remember i watched a YouTube video of her in the photo shooting session for this picture! she is so cute ^___^

(Tsuba-chan wearing the blue/white and red/white star headphones! this is the only style which consists of two different colours!)

these are *some* of the styles available:

while i was at the city yesterday, i bought a new Chocolate style mirror!
i had an old one i got months ago, but i accidentally dropped it and the mirror side snapped off ^____^"

my old Dark chocolate mirror $5AUS:
*taken from my Poupee Girl site*

and my new Milk chocolate cookie mirror $3AUS:

(it's so cute isn't it! i really like the front design ^___^ it comes in Dark or Milk chocolate too)

(there is a white foam layer in between the cookie covers so it actually looks like the cream in between a real cookie!!)

but once you open doesn't look so appealing because of the foam XD i also thought it was double sided but it wasn't =(

i also bought a Garnier Pure 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask to try out! $10AUS:

while i was shopping around, i realised one of the EGOIST stores is having a closing down sale =( we have two of these stores in the city and the others just sell mixed Japanese branded clothes XD but while i was inside, they had a mini temporary tattoo place!

so i got my back done to try it out XD the lady said it will last for up to a week! it was sprayed on rather than soaking water with those paper ones!
i chose a butterfly design for my back:

(many people say it looks real hehe but its not XD the difference between sprayed on ones and the water ones is that this one doesn't rub off easily!)

now i leave you with a flash picture of myself! i rarely take them but i have yesterday and here it is:

(i look quite scary haha XD)

have a fun week everyone! Christmas is near ^____^


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Fashion, No Life!

hello everyone ^____^

today's post will be different than my usual make up posts!
my first fashion post :D
fashion plays a big part in my life, as it's part of who i am and what i like to do - designing! next time i will show you guys my works and designs ;)
im really looking forward to studying fashion design next year in college!!

i would describe my fashion style mixed. i wear whatever i want in the morning depending on my mood and the weather! sometimes i am colourful from head to toe, sometimes monotone, dark, tomboy, casual/relaxed, girly and sexy ^___^
most of the time i like to stick to the theme of the coordinate and match it up so everything goes together!
let's say, black and blue clothing with silver accessories that match my black silver chain bag! haha...

for months ever since i moved houses, i don't have a FULL LENGTH MIRROR!! >____<" so i havent taken any pictures of new coordinates i have created :( it sucks, but i hope to get one soon ^___^"
so i would like to show you guys my old coordinates taken EARLY this year! you can totally see my hair in these pictures are much shorter XD

*these pictures are taken from my Poupee Girl site as i dont own the original file on my computer anymore. that explains my eyes being covered because of their rules. if you like, please visit my Poupee Girl closet to see more of my old coordinate pictures:*

*my messy old room haha*

as you can see, i prefer taking my coordinate pictures from a full mirror!!
can you see the how most of the colours match? XD

so anyway, today i went shopping! i used to shop weekly but because of school exams a few months ago, i didnt have time and these months i've been spending my money on online stuff etc XD so today i only bought a few clothes, i should have brought more money! all shops had sales, it is crazy!

before i start, this is my eye makeup for today! i kept it easy, i didnt wear contacts today or eyliner and false lashes XD it was hot today, so i chose a summer look for my eyes hehe all i used was white and a sea green/blue shadow then mascara on top and bottom lashes:

okay so i only bought 4 items of clothing today XD they were such a bargain!!!!

1. Light Wash 2 Way Denim Shorts $25AUS:

(these are worn 2 ways because you can flip under the cuffs and it will become shorter with the trimmings shown!)
i will show you what i mean hehe:

(shorts worn with cuffs)

(shorts worn with cuffs flipped under)
how cool huh?? but i prefer them worn without the cuffs XD

2. Large B&W Stripe Cat Shirt $10AUS:

(most of the time i like to buy larger sized clothing because when i wear them it becomes baggy which i like depending on the style, for this case it's perfect! it is a Size M)

excuse my flushed face, it was so hot today i had to walk home in the heat @___@ Spring/Summer in Australia is VERY hot!!! and with Global Warming...i never remembered it being this hot when i was little...=( i like Autumn/Winter now!

3. B&W Gingham Print Balloon Top $10AUS:

(this is crazy because this top is Size 14!!!!! it was the last one and i really liked it so i tried it and wow i fit it nicely! i normally wear AUS Size 8 or 10 tops XD)

4. Long Black Tunic with Chains $10AUS:

(my favourite! this is HOT, the chains really make a statement <3)>

currently im trying to lose weight!
ive lost 3kgs so far after i finished school! i used to weight 53kg and now i weigh 50kg which is 110lbs (i am a shortie, i am only 155cm/5'1") ^____^
though i don't see a big difference so i hope to slim down to 40-45kgs XD
i cut off the fast food and junk food so i only sometimes have a little once in a while hehe but ive loaded on the fruits and vegies :D

have a good week everyone! if you are currently in Autumn/Winter season, you are so lucky!!
im dying in this heat, everyone is sweating, make up is running, and where having fringes/untied hair are annoying because they create more sweating x_____x