Saturday, December 12, 2009

Contacts + Others

hello everyone!

i ordered 3 pairs of contacts for my best friend :)
total cost is $80AUS including shipping! i bought them from!
i thought i'd show you guys the pictures of the contacts before i gave them to her XD the shipping was slow though because of the holidays! @_____@"

(please click to enlarge as it shows the details of the lenses very clearly than the next pictures of the lenses! XD)

in order from top to bottom:
1. Candy Magic Violet:

2. Max Misty Green:

3. Adult Violet:

i would love to buy a pair of Max Misty lenses for myself one day! they look good ^___^

anyways i changed my nail polish colour again!
i recently bought a new shade, but the price has risen! D: it used to cost $2.50AUS per bottle!

(BYS Nail Enamel in Baby Boom $4AUS)

i really like this shade! it's a baby pink shade ^___^ it makes me feel girly sweet!

this next topic isn't makeup related but i wanted to show you guys!
i bought a packet of mixed style buttons from a bargain shop for only $2.50AUS for a pack of 50 buttons! it was a great bargain for such beautiful and stylish buttons!

here is a closeup of some of the buttons included:
*please enlarge to see the details!*

(most of the buttons included are white, black, silver and gold!)

and this particular button is so cute! it is a shape of a kitten in a basket!! =^____^=

now i can pimp up some of my fashion items with these buttons! :D

and once again CandyDoll has launched another new blush shade! this time it looks very peachy pink! XD

yay 20 days until my birthday ^___^ i've already planned it :D a colourful themed house party! where my house, the food, drinks, guests and myself will be colourful!!! i'm so excited :D
which reminds me...i have to get my driver's license by the end of this month XD

have a safe and exciting week everybody! <3



  1. wao! i love buttons ^-^
    thats so cute! =3

  2. Those buttons are adorable! The last button in the first row reminds me of the Louis Vuitton pattern. Haha.

  3. Aw to bad the nail polish price went up.. ;_;

    I'm scared to wear lenses though they look so pretty!

  4. ooh you sew? that's why you bought buttons? i cant sew =(

    anyways i love the nail polish. its cute! i love reading ur blog.. i always find cute things!

  5. Hello, i have come across your blog and would like to warn you about fallineyes. She is a very irresponsible blogshop owner. Most of her costumers who bought lenses from her experienced discomfort after wearing her lenses for the 2nd time. And when confronted about wrong orders, she shirks responsibility. I advise you not to order from her. If you google her up, there are several complaints about her.

  6. @Juicy - ahhhh i see, but even if it has affect other users, my friend and i has not experienced discomfort or any other problems when wearing her lenses :S
    it's all about the way each person takes care of their lenses before and after using it =/
    she once sent me a wrong pair of lenses, i confronted her about it and she immediately sent me the correct pair...i have wrote about this issue in my past post.
    this is my view on this seller, so far so good, so yeah, it all depends on each seller who bought from her, there's always bad and good experiences between seller and buyer anyway.

  7. those are the cutest buttons ever! you are shopping smart.. and im sure you'll come up with some fabulous stuff with it. i can't wait to see! anyway you gave me some good ideas .. i hope you don't mind if shop for some cute buttons also? let me know if it's ok.

    and how nice of you to buy contacts for your friend .. the max misty series and adult violet contacts look so pretty! :D

  8. Well, for her, I myself see an increase in bad service with local customers to overseas customers. Some of the customers wanted to ask her about why her contact lenses didn't have the brands on the cover, and she answered the same thing, that her supplier forgot to stuck them on. Just to let you take that in mind since quite alot of customers locally had complains with her. (:
    Several people such as I myself are trying to warn other people about her too. Thanks for your attention and sorry for pasting such a huge chunk of words at your comments! ><

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @Juicy - hmmmm i see...that's a shame, if so i hope she tries harder to make everything right, i'd hate to be in that kind of situation like those buyers...
    but yeah it's okay, you and others are only looking out for others!
    but please keep in mind that not all buyers have had poor experiences with this seller, im only saying this because it is true, in my experience and in other people's im sure :)

  11. where in Australia do you live? Im just wondering cause I'm probably moving to Canberra next fall and I'm seriously worried about the shopping posibilities.. :--D Just thinking if you know if there's any kinda shops that sell gal-stylish clothes...thanks in advance!

  12. I love the colors of the circle lenses. Especially the green one. *-*

  13. @Kiira - hey! i live in Sydney :)
    ahhh Canberra! ive been there once years ago, but im not sure if the shops there are the same as the ones here! i heard there aren't many stores and variety compared to Sydney XD but it could be wrong :) have fun there!

  14. Hokays, do hope she does become better. Anyway, your blog is really pretty (:

  15. Waaaaaai! You're such a nice friend!!! I just ordered my first pair of circle lenses (it was a bit hard to find stronger prescription versions when I first wanted them.) I look forward trying em out!

    The new Candy Doll products look SO good! I really want the highlighter they came out with!

  16. @Jen - wow how cool! you'll love them! they really change your eyes! make sure you learn more info about how to take care of them to minimise the risks of irritating your eyes!!

  17. Hey girl!

    I just found your blog. Very kawaii blog.=)

    I luv looking at japanese fashion magazine, even though I don't understand it. lol.

    From your banner, I thought you were japanese until I saw your profile stating Chinese.

  18. Hi sweets! yes you should get the lashes they are nice quality and you cant bet the price LOL XD

    ohh I love the lens you got I just got the barbie king grey and barbie big violet but I havent try them on yet they look pretty :D

    take care sweets and have a nice holiday!