Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chocolate Love

hello everyone!

i ordered some headphones in November and they came a few weeks ago ^___^
these are called Mix-Style Headphones! they have been released last year or later, and are popular around Asia such as Japan, China and Korea! it's product design and brand is from Japan =)

(my look from yesterday wearing the headphones XD haha my hair has gone a lighter brown! though my under layers are pitch black @____@)

(the packaging it came in *the box was pretty dented from shipping but the headphones were safe!* ^____^)

(the whole headphones)

(my favorite part, the pink/black star design!! Mix-Style also sells Skull style and Stripe style too!)

Mix-Style headphones are also featured in past Ageha Magazines and Tsubasa Masuwaka wearing them for a CD Cover! i remember i watched a YouTube video of her in the photo shooting session for this picture! she is so cute ^___^

(Tsuba-chan wearing the blue/white and red/white star headphones! this is the only style which consists of two different colours!)

these are *some* of the styles available:

while i was at the city yesterday, i bought a new Chocolate style mirror!
i had an old one i got months ago, but i accidentally dropped it and the mirror side snapped off ^____^"

my old Dark chocolate mirror $5AUS:
*taken from my Poupee Girl site*

and my new Milk chocolate cookie mirror $3AUS:

(it's so cute isn't it! i really like the front design ^___^ it comes in Dark or Milk chocolate too)

(there is a white foam layer in between the cookie covers so it actually looks like the cream in between a real cookie!!)

but once you open doesn't look so appealing because of the foam XD i also thought it was double sided but it wasn't =(

i also bought a Garnier Pure 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask to try out! $10AUS:

while i was shopping around, i realised one of the EGOIST stores is having a closing down sale =( we have two of these stores in the city and the others just sell mixed Japanese branded clothes XD but while i was inside, they had a mini temporary tattoo place!

so i got my back done to try it out XD the lady said it will last for up to a week! it was sprayed on rather than soaking water with those paper ones!
i chose a butterfly design for my back:

(many people say it looks real hehe but its not XD the difference between sprayed on ones and the water ones is that this one doesn't rub off easily!)

now i leave you with a flash picture of myself! i rarely take them but i have yesterday and here it is:

(i look quite scary haha XD)

have a fun week everyone! Christmas is near ^____^



  1. The pictures are really cool! ^^ In Europe headphones aren't popular yet.
    Hihii, I have the cookie mirror too <3<3<3

  2. ooohhh...i'm loving the headphone sets! i'm also loving the cookie mirror! you have such cute things!

  3. you so very cute i like your shopping

  4. love the headphones! you eyes are so big! haha

  5. yeah, the tatoo looks real..

    good pictures.. cute pics!

  6. coool, whered you get the headphones?

  7. love the so so adorable, Where did you get it?

  8. The head phones are so cute!

    I saw the BYS brand in k-mart today ^_^

    It does look real!


  9. Gday fellow Aussie :)
    Oh, i'm planning on purchasing mix-style stars too (black and white ones). Did you get them from Yesstyle?
    I had a cookie mirror too! from Morning Glory, but i "too" dropped it and the mirror cracked. My mom made me throw it away, because of bad luck - superstition!
    anyways, have a wonderful day deary.
    keep smiling, keep blogging!

    - Gerry

  10. waaah~ super cute headphones 。(*≧∇≦*)゚.!
    items that look like chocolate or cookie are very cute~ sadly i don't have any (._.)

    and that butterfly temporary tattoo is amazing!! i have been dreaming for long real butterfly tattoo~~ maybe i someday will take it! i want something like Momoeri's or Janice Man's butterfly tattoo (*^-^*)

  11. the headphones are awesome. I've saw them at a picture of an ulzzang in black & white *-*

    Want them too <3

  12. lol wow, freaky coincidence!
    Your blog is so interesting, i love the eye makeup. i still gotta add funds to my paypal to start online shopping - sighssss
    anyways, i'll be following your blog :)

    - Gerry

  13. I love mix style headphones! :) But how much did you pay for them? :o because according to this yours look like the fake ones :(

    (lol sorry for my bad english... >_>)

  14. Hi Joey! I'm so excited I just ordered these headphones too! ^O^

    Can you do a tutorial on your hair? It's so gorgeous and the just the right curl!