Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 days of Shopping <3

hello everyone!

how was your Christmas? new years is on its way yay ^____^
in Australia and some other countries, have a big shopping event, the Boxing Day Sale! it always happens on the 26th :D it is when shops has big sales! hehe so i went shopping yesterday and today! i bought quite a few things for great prices!

1. Grey Stripe + Black Vest Top $15AUD:

i really love this shirt! it is so stylish and what a bargain! :D
there are black sequins on the vest and down the shirt as you can see XD

a cool feature of this shirt is the chains on the cuffs!

i love the chain between the vest! so cool XD

2. Hello Kitty Print T-Shirt $10AUD:

again, i bought this in a size bigger! (Size M)

3. Black & White Stripe Heels $45AUD:

i love the white heel! makes it more stylish ^____^

4. Colbalt Blue Patent Pointed Toe Heels $30AUD:

5. Black & White DELYLE Style Skirt $7AUD:

6. Cream Studded Chain Sling Bag $30AUD:

this bag looks sporty but stylish and cool at the same time XD
and its so cool because i can zip/unzip the shoulder handle part! (see 3rd picture)

7. Chained Pearl Necklace $5AUD:

this is super hot! i love the clustered heavy look!

8. Set of 5 Gold, Pearl & Black Bangle Collection $5AUD:

9. Gold Chains on Black Cuff $5AUD:

10. Cream and Gold Ring $5AUD:

11. Pink & White MILK Phone Strap Set $4.50AUD:

this is so damn cute ^_____^ Milk Bottle and Milk Carton Set hehe

so thats all i bought in these 2 days XD
there were so many people shopping! it was so crowded, we even had to line up in a LONG line just to get into some stores, and even line up to pay for something! haha

im looking forward to new years eve! i got my outfit ready and i can't wait to celebrate with friends :D are you all ready for the new year? :D



  1. Aww these stuff are so cool :D especially I love the blue heels and milk straps :D kawaii<3

  2. I love the white leather bag! Where did you get it? Also love the bracelet with golden chains.

  3. Woah! Awesome bargains you've done so well! :D

    BTW you look very sophisticated with the glasses <3

  4. wow you have the best purchases ever. im really loving that grey shirt & black vest combo ;D that DELYLE style skirt looks really good and i love all your jewelry!

  5. Love all the stuff you bought, especially the white and black heels! So stylish XD I don't know how it is crowded in Aussie but in London it's like a wild jungle LOL I don't think I am ever going out on boxing day =_=


  6. wow what a coincident O.O
    lol that sequin top the first pic~ i bought one too on boxing day LOOL for 15 as well LOL

    anyways, lovely blog (:

  7. you always find such ADORABLE and AFFORDABLE items! sometimes i wish i lived in australia...all that i got for myself were two bras and a pair of jeans...LOL

  8. ommggggg i LOVE everything that you got!
    Especially the Hello Kitty top and jewellery, i've a bit of an obsession for both. I got a hello kitty manicure set and i nearly had a heart attack! was amazing!!
    how was your christmas? was santa good to you?? XP
    Michelleyyy xxx

  9. Thanks for the lovely comment :)
    Yes I am not getting into falsies! ^.^


  10. omg omg...i love the HK shirt and the ruffle skirt ...i've been looking for it lol but can't really find it in US especially where i live - 3-..

  11. pretty blog. where do you get your circle lens?

  12. OOHHH! i have a post up just for YOU! i'm super excited, but if it's too creepy, please tell me so that i'll delete it! ♥♥

  13. Aaaaw i like the Grey Stripe + Black Vest top!!
    the white stripes heels are gorgeous <3
    Cute blog!! ^^