Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Colourful Post ^____^

hello everyone!

went to the city to catch up with my friend today ^___^
wanted to share with you some pictures and purikura we took together <3
please click on all pictures to enlarge as it's a pretty long post again XD

(my look for today, tried a different style of eye makeu up ^__^)

(the purikura we took ^__^ the place we went has added new machines! yay~)

close up of my eye make up: *took this when i came home, reason for the smudged mascara XD*

my friend has won me 2 Hannari Tofu Plushies from the UFO machines! the place we take purikura and play UFO is located in this big building with a lot purikura and UFO machines XD and the UFO machines are filled with Japanese branded toys hehe ^_____^

Mr. Tofu Santa ^___^

Mr. Tofu Santa Helper ^___^

so i ordered 2 berets from eBay and they arrived 2 days ago!
1. Leopard Pattern Beret: $10.38AUS with free shipping

2. Light Grey Beret with Satin Ribbon which is a pin! $9.50AUS with free shipping:

some people have asked about my yellow nail polish! it's brand is BYS haha it is like how America has NYX but BYS is Australian hehe BYS nail polishes cost $2.50AUS each!

(BYS Nail Enamel in "Lemon Squash")

here are some nail polishes i have:
i used to paint my nails a lot but since last last year and this year i have stopped but now i am starting to get back into it XD going to buy some new shades ^___^

(From L to R Top: Manicure White, Manicure Pink, Shimmer Punch, Rebel Red, Revlon: Swoop, Lemon Squash. From L to R Bottom: Soft Green, Blue Bang, Lavender Kiss, Pouty Purple, Charcoal)

i also have a brown shade in this cute bear bottle! i got it years ago and it's from the brand Fing'rs!

here's a sneak peek inside this month's Popteen! $13.56AUS

wheee i am so tired right now!! it feels lonely since my best friend has gone overseas with her family :( she will come back the day after my 18th! :(
it will be cool if i could spend xmas and new years in a different country ^___^

have a safe and great week everyone ^____^



  1. aww so cute those pika puras..

    i like the berets they';re cute

    where did u buy it?

  2. Very lovely, I I like those Hannari Tofu Plushies aawww :D

  3. :) Nice nail polish collection! I was just wondering if the colours are really opaque?

    I've been searching for good nail polish without the OPI price tag. ;P LOL.

  4. those berets are so cute! the ones from ebay right? :D

  5. oohhh the beret's are super cute! =) especially the leopard print one! the plushies are adorable aswell. your guy friend's hair is sooo cool! it's just like TaeYang's. :O :O
    the nail varnishes are real nice,my favvies are the 2purple ones, Lavender Kiss and Pouty Purple. i think you should try the brown cz my friend had brown nail varnish with micro gold glitter on to school one day and it actually looks very nice.
    Any chance of a few scans from the new Popteen that you got? =P
    thanks JoeyAnna!
    Michelle X

  6. ...OOOH!!!...lovin' the cute nail polish colors!

    i wish there were UFO machines with cute japanese plushies over here!!! 8P

    you have such cute hauls!!

  7. hey JoeyAnna!
    replying to your comment here :D
    wish i had asian friends...all my friends are white and from Ireland..and i only see my friends from Hong Kong during the summer..booo~~
    yeah please do, would love to see what the brown looks like on you! and the bottle of it is heaps cute ;)
    wooowwww you serious? can i have that link to the japanese magazine scans please?
    i'm OBSESSED with VIVI and POPTEEN, but can only get them during the summer in Hong Kong.
    why do all the best things have to happen only in asia?? =="
    anywhoooo chat laters
    Michelle <3

  8. LOVE the yellow nails. Yellow nails seems to be the "it" color now :)

  9. your berets are too cute!<3
    I saw them at your poupee and they look great!~
    Its so fun to peep into someone else's closet ^.^

  10. Such cute plushies!!

    What does BYS stand for? :D

    I want to buy NYX cosmetics soon I've heard they sell them in 'hair house ware house' and groove and grab accessories.

  11. Your eyemake came out great! Such big dolly eyes :DD!!

    I have a leopard beret too, it's such a great key piece because it really livin's up coordinates! And the beret with the bow! PRECIOUS!!

  12. OMG seriously, you got so big eyes. :( Im so jealous!

  13. your eye makeup is always the best! if you come down here to san francisco, you should definitely do my eye makeup! hehe .. i love those berets.. really cute and stylish! :D they look cute on you! i love all your nail polish colors too