Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Look + Melliesh

hello everyone!

i went out today, and this is my look:

can you notice my fringe is shorter and straight? i cut it last night, i thought i'd get a fringe change XD but i realised i cut it a little too short ^____^" oh well it will grow :P

my hair colour is fading so quickly :( even some parts of my hair isn't black! but dark brown @_____@"

loving my lemon yellow nails XDD

once again i want to introduce to you another model who has jumped onto the makeup product bandwagon!
she is a long term Popteen model, Yui Kanno! She has created some make up products under the brand name, Melliesh! this includes lip glosses, blushes and eyelashes!
there are 17 items in total: including 6 lip glosses, 6 blushes and 5 eyelashes!

(Yui Kanno modeling one of the eyelashes from her brand!)

*remember to click on the image to enlarge it!*
1. Lip Glosses 01-06 from L to R:

2. Blushes 01-06 from L to R:

3. Upper Eyelashes 01-03 and Lower Eyelashes 05-06 from L to R:

(Upper Eyelash 01 and Lower Eyelash 05 is really similar to MAC's #7! except it's not as dark as MAC's)

i think the product design from Yui is really simple but feminnine <3

i ordered 2 berets from eBay! sadly i won't be wearing them often since it's Summer in Australia now XD but i really like headgear because i think they can make an outfit extra stylish :P

i can't believe it's almost 2010! and i am turning 18 soon on the 2nd January after New Years XD i can't wait ^____^

everyone got their Christmas shopping done yet? :P



  1. Love the lemon yellow nail polish is it Rimmel?

    Your new fringe looks super cute on you <3

  2. ah it's always nice products and packaging! ^.^
    &.. no xmas shopping done yet *.*

  3. your so very cute !!!
    i like your shopping

  4. yui kanno products?!? xD
    *needs to buy everything*

    your hair looks awesome! (*Q*)
    I have the same problem everytime I am cutting my fringe though xl

  5. Your hair and lashes look amazing~ ^^

  6. LOVE the lemon yellow nails, which brand is the nail varnish?
    i kinda like the way your hair isn't a coal black anymore but natural brown black. Your fringe isn't too short at all! i think its perfect length and you look so good with it!
    Not diggin the Melliesh make up though, way too plain for my liking and looks very like the lines that other models have launched. Much prefer Tsubasa, Jun Komori and Naoki Umeda. Just packaging alone i think they beat the Melliesh line.
    Your 18 in January?! im not 18 til april...GRR! jealousy~~!!
    hehe anywho thanks for the post! =)
    Michelle X