Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DollyWink ;)

hello everyone!

this time this is a post only about Tsubasa Masuwaka's new line of make up, DollyWink! this is the work collaboration between her and Japanese cosmetic company, KOJI! <3
i have mentioned this upcoming brand before ^__^
there are 13 items in total! including 8 eyelashes, 3 eyeliners, and 2 other eyelash products!
*pictures from her blog*
(NOTE: this is a long post so please click on the image to see it larger XD)

1. Pencil Eyeliner in Black:
2. Pencil Eyeliner in Brown:

3. Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black:
the swatches of all 3 eyeliners:
(From T to B: Eyeliner Pencil Black, Eyeliner Pencil Brown, Liquid Eyeliner Deep Black)

4. Eyelash Fixer:

5. Eyelash Case:

this is how it looks like inside:

6. Eyelash No.1:

7. Eyelash No.2:

8. Eyelash No.3:

9. Eyelash No.4:

10. Eyelash No.5:

11. Eyelash No.6:

12. Eyelash No.7:

13. Eyelash No.8:

that's all to it! hope it's interested you all XD

i decided from today i will be making posts like these from time to time about Japanese fashion, make up, brands, magazines and models! i hope it helps you learn something new about Japanese Gyaru culture :)

i learn many interesting things about fashion, hair & make etc from reading Japanese magazines that it has became part of my daily life XD so i will like to share them all with you and hope you will feel the same ^____^
please keep an eye out for future posts <3

hope everyone is having a great and safe week! :)



  1. wow i really love the dollywink eyeliner in deep black XD looks really good! everything else is so cute, especially the little eyelash case.. everyone should have one!

    thanks for sharing this, i really appreciate your posts on stuff like this! up to the minute news on gyaru culture! i love it! <3 keep up the great work!

  2. wicked cuuuute packaging love this

  3. whaaa i want to buy the lashes so badly T_T

  4. That's so cool that they come in pink haha;)

  5. ~~!Cutee~! :D
    where did you buy these~? :33

  6. the eyelashes case is adorable i want it so bad........T.T

  7. I really want to get these products!!!
    where did you buy them??

  8. i love those DollyWink products !<3
    the lashes look sooo perceft~~ i want them and also eyelash case is soooo cuuuute~!

  9. Such cute lashes,the case is cute and handy.I really need somewhere safe to put my lashes:(