Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back to Black + EYEMAZING!

hello everyone!

i got my hair dyed back to black a few days ago XD
i haven't been blacked hair for SO long, maybe a year or two hehe so i decided to get back on the dark side!

i'm planning to dye my hair blonde in February or March ^___^ but right now im loving the black!
what do you think?? light or dark hair for me? XD i'd love to hear your opinions!
here are some pictures!

(this is the dye i used! Garnier 100% Color in 010 Intense Black! $10AUS per box)

(my make up for today ^____^)

(my hair style for today, added something different :P)

i think my hair is like blue black sometimes XD

i just came home from a day at the city and a movie night with my friends! we watched New Moon! i've read the Twilight Saga and i think it's pretty nice, i like both movies too, but some of my friends disagree haha XD has anyone watched it yet??

so i was checking out updates for Tsubasa Masuwaka's blog, and i've found this picture:

looks like CandyDoll will be releasing TWO more products! looks like a new blush and highlighter shade ^___^ again, the product design is so damn cute! they sure know how to attract females ;)

i would also like to introduce you to another Japanese model's new line of eyelashes, produced by Popteen model, Jun Komori! her products are called EYEMAZING hehe

(this picture is an advertisement of her wearing the new line of eyelashes No.003!)

here is the range: No.001, No.002 and No.003

(pretty EYEMAZING huh! XD)

is coming! wow i can't believe it's almost the end of another year! wow time goes by pretty quickly! hope everyone is going to have an awesome christmas and new year :D



  1. i love the black on u! hahah i dyed mine black not too long ago! couldnt keep up with the blonde ><;;

  2. omg i loooove the new black hair colour! really suits you, but ever tried like a real ashy kinda blonde? i love that colour. love the eyemazing lashes. wish i can get them...><"
    Michelleyyy X

  3. It would be cool to see you in blonde hair, but I like it black too:)

  4. oh my gosh i love the false eyelashes! do you know where i can get my hands on some? :D

  5. um
    you're hot.

    black looks great on you bubs !
    cya around sometime sooon yeah

    and zomg almost 100 followerss
    good work :)

  6. wAo! the black hair suits! ^-^ any hair suits you! =3

  7. yoosssshiii!!!

    u brought the sexy black back! and yes, u look super kawaii in black hair!

    those lashes indeed loke amazing..too bad, im suck in putting it on!

  8. black looks soooooo gorgeous on you! your hair looks so nourished and healthy too :) keep it black!!!

  9. You look awesome with any hair color! <3

  10. you look cute with both. the black makes you look very innocent and the blonde makes you look very hime style. either/or is cute!

  11. you look pretty nice!!

    I have read Twilight Saga and i love it too but i think it´s a little sickly sweet...
    Yeah, some friends of me don´t like these books too!! hahaha,

  12. you look so good with black hair :)

  13. i think you are allowed to try whatever hair color you want! hehe go for it!

  14. omg u got so big eyes ;_; i'm so jealous

  15. YOUUUU LOOK NICE IN BLACKKK HAIR:) Love reading your blogg!! Your eyes is very big O_O ;) Cutie.. I followed you + add me :)

  16. your pretty whatever hair color you have..
    i love ur make up... great post i'd say!

  17. Very nice hair!! so so so hot!
    loving your pics!
    im hoping you do great in your next years of study @ uni or tafe!
    goodluck ! :D

  18. she is my favorite model :) unfortunately i'm not so good with fake lashes :(

  19. I haven't had black hair in over 10 years either.. but I think black looks good especially on girls with long and voluminous hair. What shade of blond were you thinking? And you're planning on dying your entire head blond or just highlights?

  20. oh my ! you look so gorgeous with black hair.. im envious.. i think you can rock all colors.. didn't i say this before? hehe you're so pretty.. and i love those eyelashes! i wish i could buy them..

  21. black hair really looks so good on you ! and you are so cuuute~ (*^_^*)<3 i'm jealous haha~ :D

    i'm going to watch New Moon next weekend~ i have read two books of the saga. both movies and books are so good! but i'm very lazy at reading, those books have so maaaany pages.. XD

    + CandyDoll products are looove <3

  22. YOU'RE SO PRETTY! ^^
    where do you get these products anyways? :O

  23. do you know where i can get some eyemazing lashes? thank you ^_^