Saturday, November 14, 2009

QUICK Formal Picture Post!!!!

hello everyone ^____^

today is my friend's formal as i am going as his date XD
i started doing my hair @11am and i finished @1pm so it's 2hours again like my first formal haha and my make up took me 1.5hrs hehe
i'm so excited about how everything turned out so i HAD to post them up to show you!!

(remember to click on the pictures to see it larger =D)

(this is the mask i bought yesterday! the theme is a masquerade XD)

(do you like the hair? hehe XD)

(my make up, i tried a different eye style! this time i did not use any false lashes XD)

(this is the wrong time to have a little pimple on the bridge of my nose @_____@" haha)

so what do you think about the make up and hair everyone? please let me know your opinions ^____^ anyways i have to pack things into my purse and meet my friend XD i'm so hungry! but i'm saving my stomach for the food there hehehe =P

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! i am hehe ^___^
i'll be home on monday arvo, so i'll be sure to post up more pictures from the formal! ;)



  1. aww i love it :)
    the volumised hair and the mask!
    have a good night at the formal!!

  2. i love how big your hair is! :D i can never get my hair to be that big :( what products did you use?

  3. wow wow wow ! you know im loving your makeup! this style looks awesome on you too XD i like that you also didn't have to use false lashes.. i might want to try this look sometime! and i love that mask! ooh masquerade theme sounds so fun & mysterious! i wish i had a chance to go to something like that! and you should do a tutorial on how to get your hair so volumized! i think a lot of people would really like it! LOVE IT! hair & makeup!

  4. big hair and lotsa eyeliner! LOVE it!
    you look so gorgeous! >u< *u*
    masquerade theme is so cool! =3


    You look awesome! ^_^

  6. im a sucker for black eyeliner and u totally rock the eyeliner out,darl!

    owh, wat tool/product do u use for the hairdo?it look super volumised!!tutorials?hehe

  7. omg you look so gorgeous! especially the make up. your hair reminded me of the japanese girls i see in mags! :D
    what did your whole outfit look like? hope you took a length ways piccy to show us! ^_^
    hope you had fun! you look amazing as always!
    Michelle X

  8. omg that's so cute. where did get that mask?

  9. Your hair looks amazing! Totally worth the time!
    ~and so is the makeup!
    May be tutorial's in the future?! ^w^

    Hope you had a blast at the formal!

  10. I prefer this makeup style of yours to your regular makeup style. It really brings out your eyes. ^^