Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New website launched :)

Hi guys!!!!!

It's been so long since I blogged but my website has now launched so I am 110% back and I hope you guys can visit me from time to time :) I will not be using blogspot any more so catch me at www.joeydevivre.com :)

Hope you have all been well xx

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long time no post!!!!!! xx

hey lovelies!!!

im currently working on my website! i never knew it would be this hard and time consuming!!!!!!!
so i thought i'd make a short post for the mean time!

anyways it's almost my mid term assessment on my Make Up & Special Effects course! i started this year and it's a 1 year course hehe
how have you all been?

i have instagram now! so if you like, you can see what i post up in my daily life :) just search me: joeydevivre

it's currently Winter in Australia! it now rains often :(

this year has been good to me! i'm not as busy like the last 2 years with my previous studies! now i have a little more time on my hands for blogging :)

i would love to hear from you guys! you gotta fill me up :)
and these are just a few recent pics of myself! do you prefer my old or new look?

take care guys!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ahhhhh it's been so long!! Do you remember me? :)

hey lovelies :)

do you guys remember me? i hope most of you do!!!!!!
haha it's been so long since i've posted! last post was dec 2010...

so much has changed since then :)
i'm writing this post because a fellow friend and follower, cindy tang replied to my tweet about changing my tumblr to a personal blog, and she reminded me about this blog :)

i'll link you all to my twitter and tumblr :)

1. http://twitter.com/#!/joeyannamal
2. http://joeyannamal.tumblr.com/

i don't have time to make such long blog posts like i have before, i'm sorry about that! so much has happened this year!
i'll make a quick catch up :)

(a very recent photo of me! do you guys still recognise me? haha i look a little different compared to before! what do you think? i had a dermal on my face for a year+ but i took it out last month to let it heal a bit...i will get it back next month? now i just use some shadow on the spot to make it look like a mole haha i really like it though XD)

* i've been so busy this year, i'm in 2nd year fashion now, i graduate in late November this year! im so happy and excited hehe
*i will not study advanced fashion for an extra year, because i have decided to study make up and special effects at college for a year, very very excited! i love fashion and make up has always been one of my interests! i figured it will be an advantage having fashion and make up certificates
* i have grown up :) i also lost weight too! my interests has changed as well :) i moved on from japanese/asian culture to just....being me hehe i don't have a particular type of clothing style now, i just embrace every type and i get inspired by it :) my make up style has changed too!
* i don't wear circle lenses anymore! remember when i used to be a big fan? now i just wear the natural sized ones, i really like grey, green and hazel! for that natural look :)
* i've got 3 jobs...2 retail jobs, one selling clothes and the other selling jewellery and the other is just a casual club job where i work at the register :)
* i have my own brand/logo etc :) it's called Joey de Vivre! sound familiar? haha it's not set but i'm working on it! i'm thinking of purchasing a domain and making my own website/personal blog :) i'll see how it goes!

ok enough talking, ill post a few pictures from a few months ago till now!

i look so orange in this photo! damn iphone camera haha but i did get a good tan in jan this year! my tan faded a little, so i can't wait to get tanned again when i go thailand in dec :)

i would love to hear from you! please twitter or tumblr me :) i am active on those two sites and facebook! but i de-activated my facebook recently to concentrate on my fashion work until i graduate :)


Thursday, December 9, 2010

UPDATE: HALLOWEEN!!!!! (i know, very late!)

hey everyone!

just thought i'd share my Halloween with you! hehe
to celebrate it, i went clubbing on friday (29th) and saturday (30th)
i dressed up differently for both days hehe

Friday 29th:
i dressed up as a gothic devil haha!

i aimed my make up to be more on the scary/dark side :)

1. Sweep light silver eyeshadow under brow bone, over lids, under eyes and inner corners. Use a dark silver or black eyeshadow over corner of lids on top and bottom of the eyes

2. Line top and bottom eyes with black pencil, creating a cat eye shape as a guide :)

3. Line over the cat eye shape guide with black gel eyeliner, also exaggerate the cat eye, making it thicker!

4. Sweep black eyeshadow over the eyeliner to set it while also blending it with the shadow, so it won't look as harsh! At this point, i decided to use a black felt tip eyeliner to draw in a pointed inner corner on the eyes!

5. Add false top and bottom eyelashes and your done! :)

some of my friends said i look scary haha! but i didn't mind, it was what i aimed for :)

at the club with my friend :) how cool is his face make up!!!!!!

Saturday 30th:
i dressed up as a cat/rabbit? haha XD

sorry guys i didn't take close ups of my face for that night :( these are just random pictures taken at the club to share hehe

LOL horse guy!!!!!!

that's all for this post hehe :)
hope everyone is having a great week!!!!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

UPDATE (make up)

hey everyone!!!!

it's been so long...
i'm finally on my long holidays and finished my year of studying :)
so now i have so much time on my hands!

it's time to get back into blogging :)
i will be posting about many different things! please look forward to it ^____^

let's start now!!!

1. Khaki eyes:

khaki eyeshadow, black pencil eye liner, gone over with black eyeshadow. used false top and bottom lashes

2. Simple make up with red lips:

this is one of my favorite looks :) i love red lips!

gold and brown eyeshadow, black gel eyeliner set over with black eyeshadow. mascara lashes and add top false lashes.

3. Sweet make up:

i really like this look because it's simple yet girly ^___^ i wore this look to a music festival, Stereosonic!

shimmery shadows used (cream, medium brown, dark brown), black gel eyeliner and black eyeshadow, mascara, top false lashes

4. Smokey brown eyes make up! i wore this to a music festival, Bass Control!

i like this look ^__^ lately i've been wearing a lot of browns! i really like browns hehe

shimmery browns used! cream under brows and inner corner of eyes. medium brown over lids, dark brown on crease and outer corner of eyes.
black eyeliner and black eyeshadow used. mascara then add top false lashes :)

as i said, i have been wearing brown almost every time i wear make up!
i recently bought these 2 shadow palettes from 'Models Prefer' brand! they are SO affordable!
i love the eye shadows, they aren't too powdery, but they are so shimmery which is a plus!
you save so much more money instead of buying Japanese brands such as Canmake, Kate etc because the shades are almost similar to theirs!

1. Models Prefer 4 colour 'plum palette' = $4AUD

2. Models Prefer 9 colour 'warm palette' = $6AUD

i love these 2 palettes SO much!!!!! they also have a smokey palette (grey/black) so i am planning to buy that one soon :)

*SYDNEY GIRLS! you can buy these from any Priceline store! i really recommenced this to you :)*

that's all for my make up update!!!! i will make a post about my lipsticks soon hehe


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

quick update :)

hey everyone!!!!!

finally i'm home for once! i have been going out and partying...lol!
time for an update :)
i have so much to show you all! but i haven't taken pictures of every single thing yet haha...

where to start?!?

well...i've gone to ash blonde as you all know!
i got it dyed at Kippo in the city, an Asian hair salon run by hairdressers from Hong Kong etc
i had to bleach it TWICE ($100 for each bleaching), treatment ($65) and the final ash blonde dying ($140) !! i needed 2 of the hairdressers to do my hair since it is too long haha...

(from L to R: first bleaching...then 2nd bleaching!!)

this was the first week of my new hair! it looks really ashy! but now it's almost been 2 months and it has faded to a more warmer blonde! but you can still see some ashy parts!

hmm i also got my tongue and face dermal pierced!! so exciting hahah

both piercings didn't hurt that bad! you only feel the pain when they piercing goes through! after that, you don't feel anything!
though i must say the tongue piercing required the most time and effort to heal! i couldn't eat solid food for a week...it hurt my tongue when i tried to eat! so i had to eat mashed potatoes, soup and drink drink drink!

my face dermal!! you can see the bandage spot mark haha! i had to put a bandage over it for 10days while it heals! i am really happy with this :)

my new contacts has also arrived! i ordered:

1. CH 932 - Nudy Golden Blue 14.0mm (PLANO)
*i didn't take a picture because i have showed you all in my previous post! i re-ordered it because i lost one half of the pair i bought a few months ago! :(

2. E203 Adult Series Gray - 14.0mm (-2.00/-2.00)

3. G-208 Sweet Pink 14.0mm (-2.00/-2.00)

4. G-205 Candy Magic Series Green 14.5mm (-2.00/-2.00)

i am wearing the Sweet Pink lenses hehe:

i really like these lens! the pink stands out well! and the design of the lens is just magical! it looks dreamy in a way...but a bit scary too haha!

and a close up of the eyes and make up i've got on:

for the eyeshadow i have used Revlon's ColorStay Mineral Eyeshadow in "Tiger Eye 01" i really love it! it's shimmery :)

i have also used this eyeshadow for this make up look: i am also wearing the Candy Magic Green lenses!!!

1. Use light gold shadow on brow bone and around tear ducts and inner corner of the eyes. Use medium brown shadow all over lid. Use dark brown shadow on corner of lids and over eye socket and on lower lash line.

2. Line eyes with pencil eyeliner to create the shape you desire. Then go over it with black gel eyeliner.

3. Use black eyeshadow to set the eyeliners and blend with the brown eyeshadow to soften the look. Mascara top and lower eyelashes.

4. Add false lashes!!! :) i am using "Lash Me" eyelashes!

the overall look on my face:

this is me wearing the Adult Grey contacts!! the lenses stands out really well when flash is used or when you are in the sun :)

and my overall make up look: can you see my tattoo? hehe

this was how my inner wrists looked on the night i got inked!
it was swollen...but luckily it did not feel itchy at all! :) the scabs healed within 2 weeks and a few days!

and this is a slightly better picture of it...when the tattoo was a few days old!
Left inner Wrist: "C'est la Vie" which means "such is life"
Right inner Wrist: "Joie de Vivre" which means "the joy of living" (also my blog name if you haven't noticed hehe)

haha well that's all for now! my next post will be about the make up, accessories i have purchased! :) this is the last week of my holidays :( then i will be very busy again with tafe work!

i hope everyone is enjoying their week! Halloween is soon! hehe even though Australia isn't too big on celebrating it!