Thursday, December 9, 2010

UPDATE: HALLOWEEN!!!!! (i know, very late!)

hey everyone!

just thought i'd share my Halloween with you! hehe
to celebrate it, i went clubbing on friday (29th) and saturday (30th)
i dressed up differently for both days hehe

Friday 29th:
i dressed up as a gothic devil haha!

i aimed my make up to be more on the scary/dark side :)

1. Sweep light silver eyeshadow under brow bone, over lids, under eyes and inner corners. Use a dark silver or black eyeshadow over corner of lids on top and bottom of the eyes

2. Line top and bottom eyes with black pencil, creating a cat eye shape as a guide :)

3. Line over the cat eye shape guide with black gel eyeliner, also exaggerate the cat eye, making it thicker!

4. Sweep black eyeshadow over the eyeliner to set it while also blending it with the shadow, so it won't look as harsh! At this point, i decided to use a black felt tip eyeliner to draw in a pointed inner corner on the eyes!

5. Add false top and bottom eyelashes and your done! :)

some of my friends said i look scary haha! but i didn't mind, it was what i aimed for :)

at the club with my friend :) how cool is his face make up!!!!!!

Saturday 30th:
i dressed up as a cat/rabbit? haha XD

sorry guys i didn't take close ups of my face for that night :( these are just random pictures taken at the club to share hehe

LOL horse guy!!!!!!

that's all for this post hehe :)
hope everyone is having a great week!!!!



  1. you looked so gorgeous!!
    i love your outfits too~

  2. first one is scary but hot! lol and the second 1..the cat is sooo cute =D xx

  3. Your makeup is always amazing ^^
    I love you second dress up, cat/rabbit, you look so cute.

  4. aaa :) you were most beautiful ever!!! :)

  5. i agree with Aiko. your makeup is always spot on. so inspiring! =)love the pics!