Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ahhhhh it's been so long!! Do you remember me? :)

hey lovelies :)

do you guys remember me? i hope most of you do!!!!!!
haha it's been so long since i've posted! last post was dec 2010...

so much has changed since then :)
i'm writing this post because a fellow friend and follower, cindy tang replied to my tweet about changing my tumblr to a personal blog, and she reminded me about this blog :)

i'll link you all to my twitter and tumblr :)


i don't have time to make such long blog posts like i have before, i'm sorry about that! so much has happened this year!
i'll make a quick catch up :)

(a very recent photo of me! do you guys still recognise me? haha i look a little different compared to before! what do you think? i had a dermal on my face for a year+ but i took it out last month to let it heal a bit...i will get it back next month? now i just use some shadow on the spot to make it look like a mole haha i really like it though XD)

* i've been so busy this year, i'm in 2nd year fashion now, i graduate in late November this year! im so happy and excited hehe
*i will not study advanced fashion for an extra year, because i have decided to study make up and special effects at college for a year, very very excited! i love fashion and make up has always been one of my interests! i figured it will be an advantage having fashion and make up certificates
* i have grown up :) i also lost weight too! my interests has changed as well :) i moved on from japanese/asian culture to just....being me hehe i don't have a particular type of clothing style now, i just embrace every type and i get inspired by it :) my make up style has changed too!
* i don't wear circle lenses anymore! remember when i used to be a big fan? now i just wear the natural sized ones, i really like grey, green and hazel! for that natural look :)
* i've got 3 jobs...2 retail jobs, one selling clothes and the other selling jewellery and the other is just a casual club job where i work at the register :)
* i have my own brand/logo etc :) it's called Joey de Vivre! sound familiar? haha it's not set but i'm working on it! i'm thinking of purchasing a domain and making my own website/personal blog :) i'll see how it goes!

ok enough talking, ill post a few pictures from a few months ago till now!

i look so orange in this photo! damn iphone camera haha but i did get a good tan in jan this year! my tan faded a little, so i can't wait to get tanned again when i go thailand in dec :)

i would love to hear from you! please twitter or tumblr me :) i am active on those two sites and facebook! but i de-activated my facebook recently to concentrate on my fashion work until i graduate :)



  1. you look sooooooooooo much sexier with dark hair! xxx

  2. awww ill miss the old you. but i know what you mean about you just being you and embracing different things. that sort of thing is happening to me at the moment. you look great or even better btw!

  3. Heyyyyy!!!! You are back!!!!! That's'great! You are so beautifull. I love your new style :) yeah you seems to have change a lot especialyn you seems to grow up a lot. <3

  4. I do remember you! :) Nice to see your new look and of course you are very pretty ^^ May I ask where in Thailand you are visiting? (I love Thailand so much! hehe). Good luck with everything going on, you sound very busy! :)

  5. omg girl, never disappear like this ;_;
    Ive missed you so much ;_;!!!!!!!!!!

    im happy u wrote!

    i sent u a following request on twitter, i hope i can continue following u there!

  6. awwww. i miss your blog. and of course YOU! :*
    goodluck & more power. ^^

  7. I can't wait for your new blog!! Eurgh you have matured a lot, so sassy now :)

    Love love.

  8. Wow, glad to hear from you after so long :) I missed reading your blog posts. Thanks for updating your readers. Loving your new style!

  9. omg I totally love your makeup style! Keep blogging!!! I wana see more from you!!

  10. I just found your blog!!
    It's very nice!

    I made a blog recently too!
    I would really appreciate it if you check it out by and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!

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