Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prism Dolce, MAC Eyelash #7 & being picked up again

hehe well since i finished my Trials this week, i have been shopping with my days off :D
on tuesday i went to parramatta and today i went to the city hehe

i bought quite a lot of stuff, but i haven't taken pictures of them yet, only some hehe

one of the things i bought on tuesday, was when i went to the MAC section @ Meyer, and bought MAC Eyelash #7, i really love it :) too bad they didn't have #33 in stock but i'll come back next time lol

(MAC Eyelash #7 for $18)

and i wore them today for the first time and this is how it looks:

(i am wearing GEO Angel in purple hehe)

and at the city today, i was looking for Palty eyebrow mascara/dye, but they didn't have anymore at the Japanese make up store...they had some at this other place but it sold for $40 and that's a rip off LOL so i just bought an eyebrow pencil:

(Prism Dolce in a light/medium brown $14)

this little thing is very cool! at the top tip, is a retractable eyebrow pencil, and on the bottom, i open the lid and it shows an eyebrow comb :D

i also bought this month's AGEHA and Popteen today yey! and the prices have lowered too @___@ now AGEHA is $19.20 andpteen is $14.75!!!!)

on my way Australian looking guy (with blonde hair blue eyes) walked up to me and tried to pick me up... TT___TT
he even said i was pretty in chinese hahaha i rejected him but i felt bad because he was nice and calm but oh well i wasn't interested XD he resembles the Dean from Supernatural XD

some girls may like it when guys pick them up...but for me it's a pretty scary experience lol...i just get scared XD most of the guys who try to pick me up are either white or indian...@___@"

tomorrow if Tezza's birthday bash i am so excited :D them im sleeping over at my bestie's house, which i haven't been in a while so its cool :D and then i have another party on saturday hehehe im excited :D


Saturday, August 15, 2009


well i finally updated my layout the way i wanted it to be!
it took me quite a while since i am not so good with coding and stuff ^___^"
and i am proud of my banner!
that also took me a while to make too XD

hehehe so pink isn't it? i LOVE it <3

well time for some updates lol
what i have been up to these days are studying nearly the whole week for my exams, and tonight and tomorrow i gotta study hard for my final exam on Monday, then i have the rest of the week free! YEY! :D

oh and i bought new contacts online for the first time...i found the seller through Ekimura's blog! it's actually pretty cheap ($21 AUS) compared to when i buy mine from a store which costs $45 for a pair @__@"

this time i bought GEO CM-901 in grey! im going to buy the green one later hehe

(GEO CM-901 in grey!)

hmm last night i have been calculating money im going to spend this month and next month since there are so many events during these times @____@

in total SO FAR, i will have to spend $585+ TT____TT"
i think i am going to have to take out $400-$500 from my bank ehhhh

oh and i am so happy that the weather is warming up these days! i am so happy to see the temperature in the 20's these days and comming :D

i can't wait for beach season soon!!


Friday, August 7, 2009

In Love With Chloé <3

well when i was at my Optometrist 2 weeks ago, i was looking at the sunglasses section, and i discovered the Chloé Mytre Sunglasses!

(Chloé Mytre Sunglasses in WHITExGOLD)

these white ones are my favorite ones! i will buy this baby one day! XD
if i remember, these costs around $360? @____@"

there is also a brown coloured one!

(Chloé Mytre Sunglasses in BROWNxGOLD)

since we are on the topic of Chloé...
i must say, i love the perfume too!

the bottle is simple but beautiful and the scent is just lovely!
i hope to buy this soon! but i have so much things to buy and save for, stuff for my formal coming in 7 weeks T_____T"

and i must say, Chloé sure has some awesome handbags!

this is one of my favorites! i love things WHITExGOLD, its gorgeous <3

okay this is the end of my Chloé ramblings XD

time to study hard! TRIALS next week and i gotta work hard! =/


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


ahh so i have been recently listening to J-Rock band, Alice Nine!

i love their songs, especially MIRROR BALL, the normal edition and Vandalize edition <3
the video of it is SO good too! sugoi XD


hehehe <3
next i will listen to the other J-Rock bands such as An Cafe, The Gazette and some others if i do some research haha XD

but anyways...
i have been distracted tonight that i haven't done any school related work T___T"
i have trials next week and i haven't made notes/study yet, its stressing :(



Monday, August 3, 2009

DoCoMo N906iu Pink Diamond <3

So for a while now I have been wanting to purchase a new mobile phone!
I've had my eye on the LG KS360, Nokia N97 and now my number 1 phone I want is the DoCoMo Samantha Thavasa N906iu Pink Diamond! ^___^

This phone was created by NEC and DoCoMo collaborating with popular Japanese fashion brand, Samantha Thavasa which is popular for their handbags and accessories!

The phone company, "DoCoMo" are made for people in Japan only, but I can still buy one here or online and still be able to use with our servers if the phone was modded XD

It's a shame that Australia is so slow with it's technology and lack such awesome mobile phones like these in Japan! =="
Can you see the small heart under the screen? that is the phone camera! so cute <3
And the phone set also comes with the S.T phone charm!!

Now i need to decide whether or not to buy it, it could cost me $650+ and also with postage if i buy it online @____@"

bye bye for now!