Friday, August 7, 2009

In Love With Chloé <3

well when i was at my Optometrist 2 weeks ago, i was looking at the sunglasses section, and i discovered the Chloé Mytre Sunglasses!

(Chloé Mytre Sunglasses in WHITExGOLD)

these white ones are my favorite ones! i will buy this baby one day! XD
if i remember, these costs around $360? @____@"

there is also a brown coloured one!

(Chloé Mytre Sunglasses in BROWNxGOLD)

since we are on the topic of Chloé...
i must say, i love the perfume too!

the bottle is simple but beautiful and the scent is just lovely!
i hope to buy this soon! but i have so much things to buy and save for, stuff for my formal coming in 7 weeks T_____T"

and i must say, Chloé sure has some awesome handbags!

this is one of my favorites! i love things WHITExGOLD, its gorgeous <3

okay this is the end of my Chloé ramblings XD

time to study hard! TRIALS next week and i gotta work hard! =/


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