Saturday, August 15, 2009


well i finally updated my layout the way i wanted it to be!
it took me quite a while since i am not so good with coding and stuff ^___^"
and i am proud of my banner!
that also took me a while to make too XD

hehehe so pink isn't it? i LOVE it <3

well time for some updates lol
what i have been up to these days are studying nearly the whole week for my exams, and tonight and tomorrow i gotta study hard for my final exam on Monday, then i have the rest of the week free! YEY! :D

oh and i bought new contacts online for the first time...i found the seller through Ekimura's blog! it's actually pretty cheap ($21 AUS) compared to when i buy mine from a store which costs $45 for a pair @__@"

this time i bought GEO CM-901 in grey! im going to buy the green one later hehe

(GEO CM-901 in grey!)

hmm last night i have been calculating money im going to spend this month and next month since there are so many events during these times @____@

in total SO FAR, i will have to spend $585+ TT____TT"
i think i am going to have to take out $400-$500 from my bank ehhhh

oh and i am so happy that the weather is warming up these days! i am so happy to see the temperature in the 20's these days and comming :D

i can't wait for beach season soon!!



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