Thursday, August 20, 2009

Prism Dolce, MAC Eyelash #7 & being picked up again

hehe well since i finished my Trials this week, i have been shopping with my days off :D
on tuesday i went to parramatta and today i went to the city hehe

i bought quite a lot of stuff, but i haven't taken pictures of them yet, only some hehe

one of the things i bought on tuesday, was when i went to the MAC section @ Meyer, and bought MAC Eyelash #7, i really love it :) too bad they didn't have #33 in stock but i'll come back next time lol

(MAC Eyelash #7 for $18)

and i wore them today for the first time and this is how it looks:

(i am wearing GEO Angel in purple hehe)

and at the city today, i was looking for Palty eyebrow mascara/dye, but they didn't have anymore at the Japanese make up store...they had some at this other place but it sold for $40 and that's a rip off LOL so i just bought an eyebrow pencil:

(Prism Dolce in a light/medium brown $14)

this little thing is very cool! at the top tip, is a retractable eyebrow pencil, and on the bottom, i open the lid and it shows an eyebrow comb :D

i also bought this month's AGEHA and Popteen today yey! and the prices have lowered too @___@ now AGEHA is $19.20 andpteen is $14.75!!!!)

on my way Australian looking guy (with blonde hair blue eyes) walked up to me and tried to pick me up... TT___TT
he even said i was pretty in chinese hahaha i rejected him but i felt bad because he was nice and calm but oh well i wasn't interested XD he resembles the Dean from Supernatural XD

some girls may like it when guys pick them up...but for me it's a pretty scary experience lol...i just get scared XD most of the guys who try to pick me up are either white or indian...@___@"

tomorrow if Tezza's birthday bash i am so excited :D them im sleeping over at my bestie's house, which i haven't been in a while so its cool :D and then i have another party on saturday hehehe im excited :D



  1. the lashes look cute on you! and i would like to see how the eyebrown pencil looks on you!

    i want a japanese make- up store in germany too v.v;

  2. wooohoooo
    i was mentionneddd :D