Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update: Shopping/Contact Lens/Palty Hair Dye!

long time no post XD i've been busy now its time for an update hehe

i went shopping last friday and saturday!! on friday i went to DFO and bought these new pumps from Wanted for only $30!! it originally cost $110 :D such an awesome buy!

(this picture is from my Poupee Girl site! that's why it has ♥Joey♥ since it's my user name XD)

then on saturday i went to the city, and bought a new pink dress which i am planning to wear to my friend's birthday party this saturday, and a new stripe cardigan! :D

my order of the GEO CM-901 has arrived yesterday!! i tried them on and im so happy it turned out the way i thought it would be like in the advertisement!!

my order also came with a free cute lens case with some helpful tools :D it so cute! it is the shape of a bear's face hehehe

and this is how it looks when i open it! i put my new lens inside ^___^

i will be wearing my new lens this week so ill be sure to post a close up of how it looks when i wear it :D

my formal is coming up, and i originally wanted to dye my hair in a salon, then i decided not to, and to try Palty's Sparkling Blonde hair bleach haha i bought 2 packs on eBay, total costed me $47 incldusing postage! the price is cheap though, if i bought it in a store, it would have costed me around $25-30 each pack @_____@ so now all i do is wait XD

from changing dying my hair in a salon to DIY has saved me so much money ^____^
now i still have more things to buy, but i am within my budget so yey! i don't have to take out money from my bank again haha



  1. woah this is rip off for the palty hair dye.. Oo i saw some palty dying for 13 dollar or so but the color looks gorjuss, cant wait to see it on you ^_^ and i really like the shoes but i couldnt walk with em xD
    have a nice day!

  2. i thought palty was cheaper at japanese stores like marukai in LA. ooooh and i love your chocolate brown hair! what hair dye n color name did u use? :)


  3. @Pabo - aww i know, alot of people get it for around $13, but i live in Australia, so it's more expensive TT______TT" i can't wait too :D

    @SKayy - haha sadly i don't live in the U.S XD
    thank you :D i used garnier nurtrisse in #5 chocolat brown haha it was really dark at first but then later faded to a lighter brown :)

  4. Those shoes are so beautiful!~ ^___^
    I've always wanted to try Palty's hair die (make sure to post a review!~ ^.^)

  5. omg the lenses case is adorable <3

  6. wow! this case for lens are very cute! *__*

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    Thank you for your time!