Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sydney Dust Storm + Palty Hair Dye RESULTS!

i woke up today around 5:30am to gusty winds, i looked out my window and i see RED/ORANGE coloured everything outside! i was wondering what was going on in my head, so i went back to sleep.

(Sydney Harbor Bridge [red])

i then woke up again at 7:30am and this time, everything outside was a yellow colour because the sun had come up by then.
i then realised by news, that Sydney experienced a dust storm! it was also hard to see things clearly as the dust storm acted like a fog!

(Sydney Harbor Bridge [orange])

my mum called, and told me i shouldn't go to school, and so i didn't :D
my aunty and her husband was supposed to arrive from San Fransisco this morning, but due to the dust storm, all international flights have been delayed and landed in Brisbane!
i believe this morning was a rare and lovely sight, it is my first time seeing the sky and everything else covered in such a colour! XD

okay onto my hair dye results haha
well after school yesterday i dyed my hair using the Palty Sparkling Blonde bleach dye, i had to use two packs since my hair was long and one wasn't enough =/

(The colour results you will get depending on your initial hair colour [black or brown] and the time you leave it on for [15 or 30mins])

so i left the dye on my hair 30mins, and this is the result:

(my bottom part of my hair is darker but i don't mind it that way ^____^" i am also wearing my GEO Grey lens in CM 901 <3)

anyway so i would say my top hair colour is the lightest on the colour result chart, and my bottom part is the 2nd lightest from the chart! i really like the conditioner given to use after washing out the bleach! it smells really nice!

this type of blonde, i think it is a yellow kind of blonde? haha though i will re dye it to a lighter brown soon, and i think i like me in brown hair more, or maybe im just not used to being in this type of blonde ^_____^"

so my formal is this friday! i am so excited ^___^
i will probably post pics etc on saturday or sunday hehe



  1. hhehehe ur hair is a cute color! and love your top u have sucha cute blog!

  2. heyy.. i just want to know how u dye your hair? i want it to be like urss(which is darker at the ends) tell me what you do pls..thnks ;)

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  4. hi! would you know where i can get Palty's official contact number or email ? thanks!