Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shopping/Palty Eyebrow Mascara + Trip to Tokyo, China, Hong Kong <3

hello everyone :)

i went shopping at the city today!
hehe i was so surprised, to see the Palty Eyebrow mascara in stock in a Japanese cosmetic store! i have been waiting for it to stock up for a while ^___^ if you want to see how it looks on me when i tried it out, please keep reading hehe!
too bad they didn't have the one in the lightest shade (see yellow package below) , so i just bought the 2nd lightest! there are 4 shades in total:

so here is the one i bought: ($26AUS)

since this is in mascara form (shorter in length than a common mascara though!) it is easy to apply to your eyebrows!

i also bought new pair of denim shorts for a steal of only $10AUS ^____^ its spring now, and now it is shorts/skirts/dresses season hehe spring and summer are my favorite seasons :D

so this is my makeup today when i went out (note: these were taken when i got home and tried out the palty eyebrow mascara ^__^)

(my usual eyebrow routine is using eyebrow pencil first, then shadow, then the mascara now :D)

i also bought this month's AGEHA :) and this month's Cosmopolitan ^__^ am going to read them now haha...
i will be shopping again tomorrow! i still got some accessories to buy for my formal haha :D

remember my previous post about my uncertain trip to Tokyo?
well my mother made up her mind and decided to let me go ^___^
even better, she is going to let me go China and Hong Kong which was my Plan B to go after Tokyo! i am so excited, Tokyo/China/Hong Kong from December to January!
too bad my 18th birthday (2nd Jan) won't be celebrated with my friends in Sydney :(

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend <3


  1. wow the pics are soo cute and ur very lucky that you can fly to tokyo and china.. ohaa im way to envious T^T i want souvenirs! xD

  2. Hi, thanks for following my blog :D YOur blog is so cute.. i never knew there was palty mascara.. i wish i could find that here in the US. aww so lucky.. you're going to tokyo , china & hong kong! i wish i was going to asia.. they have the cutest stuff there.. :D btw you're so pretty!

  3. i was looking at pinksugarichigo's blog and i found yours.. i want a mascara like that.. darn they dont have one in the US. well ,i'm going to japan this winter so i hope i find that..

  4. your blog is so cute! how did you enjoy your visit to HK? :)