Monday, August 3, 2009

DoCoMo N906iu Pink Diamond <3

So for a while now I have been wanting to purchase a new mobile phone!
I've had my eye on the LG KS360, Nokia N97 and now my number 1 phone I want is the DoCoMo Samantha Thavasa N906iu Pink Diamond! ^___^

This phone was created by NEC and DoCoMo collaborating with popular Japanese fashion brand, Samantha Thavasa which is popular for their handbags and accessories!

The phone company, "DoCoMo" are made for people in Japan only, but I can still buy one here or online and still be able to use with our servers if the phone was modded XD

It's a shame that Australia is so slow with it's technology and lack such awesome mobile phones like these in Japan! =="
Can you see the small heart under the screen? that is the phone camera! so cute <3
And the phone set also comes with the S.T phone charm!!

Now i need to decide whether or not to buy it, it could cost me $650+ and also with postage if i buy it online @____@"

bye bye for now!



  1. hey,,
    i love it.. where can i get one in india from??

  2. u dont get it in india. its only available in japan. u can maybe get it online but its really costly US$600