Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Makeup + Holiday Postponed!

hello again everyone :)

i went to the city yesterday to catch up with my friends! it's getting harder now that we don't see each other 5 days a week since we don't have school anymore! @____@
just wanna show you guys the Barbie KING Size Brown lenses i wore yesterday hehe

(my look for yesterday! my hair is so light here @___@)

i realised how comfortable these Barbie lenses are when i wear them! It also enlarges the eye very much ^___^ since they are 15.5mm in diameter XD

(Barbie KING Size Brown lenses)

please don't mind about the little pink thing in the corner of my right eye ^___^" since you guys may notice that in every close up pic i take XD i was born with that and the eye specialist doctor said i won't need to remove it by an operation unless it interferes with my eyes and far it hasn't =)
but normally it isn't so noticeable ^___^

i've been thinking for my next hair dye, i want to go in a dark shade, so i'm deciding if i should use Palty in Bitter Cappucino which is a dark brown shade, or just dye it pitch black with an American brand dye such as Garnier or Loreal XD i haven't had black hair for years! @___@

(Dariya Palty hair dye in Bitter Cappuccino ^___^ the model is so pretty!)

so today i bought two new nail polishes ^___^ i haven't painted my nails for a while now, and i really need to grow them longer! but it gets in the way when you use contacts with long nails XD
i remember i chipped my first pair of contacts by accident because of my long nails and i didn't know how to handle contacts then XD

(L.A COLORS Nail Polishes! the left is "Live" and the right is "Wired" both cost $2.50AUS)

"Live" is a glittery silver shade, but i'll post a pic up later when i use it XD
"Wired" is a shiny electric blue shade! i love both of these <3 i used Wired first, so here's how it looks:

(L.A COLORS Nail Polish in "Wired" wow it also looks matte in this picture XD)

so about my Holiday to Japan, China, HK, it has been postponed :(
my holiday plans have been changing back and fourth due to my family who keeps changing their minds/opinions @___@
so now i have made the decision to postpone this holiday to mid next year! I'm not even sure if i'll be able to go Japan mid next year since I was originally supposed to go with my friends next month, unless i find other friends to go with XD so right now i know i am going China, HK and maybe Taiwan with my family next year ^____^

the Formal is in 3 days! yey ^_____^
have a nice day everyone :D



  1. 1stly, i love ur current hair look light but not so light..if u get wat i mean..hehe..i jz went from dark brown to lighter color but i still like urs more..:)

    owh, tat Barbie King lense, it really enhance ur eyes, hun!

  2. Your hair looks so pretty here! How did you curl/wave it? (:


  3. your hair color is cute! dark, light ~ any color looks good on you!

    im loving the barbie king size brown lens.. again, your eye makeup is lovely. im going to practice tomorrow XD hehe

    wow, well i still say you're very lucky to be going on a trip to all those places.. i have no vacation planned out for .... a long time. :( wah

  4. you look so cute~~ o(^-^)o<3
    your hair is awesome!

    i also ordered those King Brown lenses some days ago ! can't wait to get them ^o^ looks so good on you~

  5. Hope you have fun at the formal!~ You will be the cutest there :D

  6. omg....

    i think we hav the same lens *.*
    i ordered some before from there!!
    how come you get to go to formals alot?

  7. RE: I'm saving the shells so I have heaps to throw in the shell spring on April Fools so I will have a chance of getting an April Fools ribbon. :D [They are meant to be worth allot]