Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Fashion, No Life!

hello everyone ^____^

today's post will be different than my usual make up posts!
my first fashion post :D
fashion plays a big part in my life, as it's part of who i am and what i like to do - designing! next time i will show you guys my works and designs ;)
im really looking forward to studying fashion design next year in college!!

i would describe my fashion style mixed. i wear whatever i want in the morning depending on my mood and the weather! sometimes i am colourful from head to toe, sometimes monotone, dark, tomboy, casual/relaxed, girly and sexy ^___^
most of the time i like to stick to the theme of the coordinate and match it up so everything goes together!
let's say, black and blue clothing with silver accessories that match my black silver chain bag! haha...

for months ever since i moved houses, i don't have a FULL LENGTH MIRROR!! >____<" so i havent taken any pictures of new coordinates i have created :( it sucks, but i hope to get one soon ^___^"
so i would like to show you guys my old coordinates taken EARLY this year! you can totally see my hair in these pictures are much shorter XD

*these pictures are taken from my Poupee Girl site as i dont own the original file on my computer anymore. that explains my eyes being covered because of their rules. if you like, please visit my Poupee Girl closet to see more of my old coordinate pictures:*

*my messy old room haha*

as you can see, i prefer taking my coordinate pictures from a full mirror!!
can you see the how most of the colours match? XD

so anyway, today i went shopping! i used to shop weekly but because of school exams a few months ago, i didnt have time and these months i've been spending my money on online stuff etc XD so today i only bought a few clothes, i should have brought more money! all shops had sales, it is crazy!

before i start, this is my eye makeup for today! i kept it easy, i didnt wear contacts today or eyliner and false lashes XD it was hot today, so i chose a summer look for my eyes hehe all i used was white and a sea green/blue shadow then mascara on top and bottom lashes:

okay so i only bought 4 items of clothing today XD they were such a bargain!!!!

1. Light Wash 2 Way Denim Shorts $25AUS:

(these are worn 2 ways because you can flip under the cuffs and it will become shorter with the trimmings shown!)
i will show you what i mean hehe:

(shorts worn with cuffs)

(shorts worn with cuffs flipped under)
how cool huh?? but i prefer them worn without the cuffs XD

2. Large B&W Stripe Cat Shirt $10AUS:

(most of the time i like to buy larger sized clothing because when i wear them it becomes baggy which i like depending on the style, for this case it's perfect! it is a Size M)

excuse my flushed face, it was so hot today i had to walk home in the heat @___@ Spring/Summer in Australia is VERY hot!!! and with Global Warming...i never remembered it being this hot when i was little...=( i like Autumn/Winter now!

3. B&W Gingham Print Balloon Top $10AUS:

(this is crazy because this top is Size 14!!!!! it was the last one and i really liked it so i tried it and wow i fit it nicely! i normally wear AUS Size 8 or 10 tops XD)

4. Long Black Tunic with Chains $10AUS:

(my favourite! this is HOT, the chains really make a statement <3)>

currently im trying to lose weight!
ive lost 3kgs so far after i finished school! i used to weight 53kg and now i weigh 50kg which is 110lbs (i am a shortie, i am only 155cm/5'1") ^____^
though i don't see a big difference so i hope to slim down to 40-45kgs XD
i cut off the fast food and junk food so i only sometimes have a little once in a while hehe but ive loaded on the fruits and vegies :D

have a good week everyone! if you are currently in Autumn/Winter season, you are so lucky!!
im dying in this heat, everyone is sweating, make up is running, and where having fringes/untied hair are annoying because they create more sweating x_____x



  1. I love your style!~

    We are the same height and same weight!! I'm also trying to loose though its hard around the Christmas season. >_>

  2. :) That bow belt looks adorable in your first picture!

  3. I love the ribbon stuffs you have! You can wear tops with vertical stripes! They make your body appear longer! I am also losing weight! Good luck! ^^

  4. omg .. how do u do ur hair? any tutorial links?

    and thanks for the comment earlier.. i feel better now

  5. hi
    i really adore your blog you're so cute and pretty
    you have a great style
    pls come check out my blog
    it would ne cool if you take a look

  6. You combinate your clothes so good ! *-*
    I find the 4. and 5. Tops the cutest <3

  7. love ur clothes did a really good good job...they are so so adorable..i love the gingham print balloon is so cute~

  8. you've got great style girl! i love the shirt with the chains! :)

  9. your style is so nice! I must have no life because I have no sense of style whatsoever! :(

  10. I'm 5'1 too and used to be 55kilos, then lost da weight, was 50 looong time and now i'm back to 55... arrgh. But u look slim and beautiful =)
    U have asian body type, I have this... loarge bones + much fat around it loool.
    Anyway, nice blog =) In i like ur clothes