Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sweet like Sugar

hello everyone!

i never edit my pictures, but i was bored last night and decided to edit 2 pictures for fun using a Chinese editing program, here they are:

it's amazing how a little editing can really change a picture! XD

i went out with Timothy and his friends today! went to the city for purikura, karaoke and Korean restaurant XD i love my karaoke! <33

i also bought two cake charms on the way home! i love these stuff they are so cute and look so edible!! one day i hope to try making one of these stuff haha

black forest cake and strawberry cake charms $3AUD each:

even better these cakes smells SO good! it smells so sweet and edible! haha XD it's spongy and soft too <3
im planning to give the black forest cake on to Timothy and the strawberry cake for myself ^___^

even the bag the lady put the charms in is super cute!

my mum bought me this nail polish a while ago! she knew i wanted a baby blue colour so she got me this! it was funny because i tried it on last night and the colour wasn't metalic light blue in person, but more of a silver metalic shade! it looks metallic blue in the picture though XD

haha i actually wanted a pastel blue shade...but i thank my mum for trying, i like the shade though! ^_____^

(i don't know what brand it is XD)

i have this cork board in my room for so long, and i havent decorated it yet, so i started recently by decorating the border! next ill find some pictures to stick on XD

(the pictures next to the cork board are pictures of friends and i and ive printed them out and stuck them like a collage on my wall ^____^ such great memories! <3)

this is what ive used to decorate the border, dotted ribbon and lace together! so handy i wont have to stick them on seperately because they are stitched together!

colours include lilac, hot pink, light pink, light blue, light green, $2AUD each:

so pretty!! <3 just one packet of these fit around my cork board border! :D

counting down the days till xmas, new years and my birthday ^____^



  1. omg omg...you are so so adorable ~~ i love the cake charm..hehe i have the similar ones but they are plushies ^^
    aw..love the laces so so cute ~~

    Yay!!! X'mas time..i can't wait too~Take care~

  2. ooohhh what chinese editing programme did you use? getting a little bit sick of Picassa cz it doesn't have any cute stuffies on it like yours!

    omg my mums like that aswell! i say i want something she tries to get it for me but its complete opposite of what i had in mind, some of the stuff she comes up with is soo funny and cute, have to give it to our mums for the effort though XP

    think im gonig to decorate my cork board like yours now that i see yours is cute after deco-ing it. :P

    also love the purikura piccies, there real ccute :D

    Michelleyyy xx

  3. hehe...your room seems like it's adorable with all your cute decorations! i wanna put ribbons around MY whiteboard...but then my hubby would probably be against that...LOL...

    anyways, your cellphone charms look so cute and delicious!! i'm sure your friend tim would love it too! 8P

  4. omg... i want to make those cakes it looks so yum!
    hehe ur cute as always!!!

  5. When I saw these cake charms I thought they were real O.o
    I searched those dekorations a long time ago, but I never found them -.-

  6. Sure,no problem! Thanks though (: Mind following me too? Anyway,where you got your cute cake charms?

  7. Wow! Those cakes look really cool

  8. The cakes are so pretty! I would also like to know what chinese programme you used!

  9. great photoshop skills
    it's very cute ^_^

    i love the accessories too ^_^

  10. I love what you've done with your photos its so cute! :D

    I still haven't tried the Takako eyelashes on yet I've been so busy~
    I will let you know when I do ^_^

  11. You are so pretty... Love the BIG eyes and long lashes!

  12. uh oh i think i overlooked this post! very cute editing! what is the chinese program called?? those strawberry cake charms look so yummy - good enough to eat, i been a sucker for cute food charms lately too <3 and i like the nail polish color, i actually want a blue pastel color too .. very creative with your cork board.. i love decorating everything with lace and ribbons too .. i need to buy another cork board again.. can't wait to see what you do with the rest ..