Monday, January 18, 2010

Trip to China + Hong Kong :D

hello everyone!

long time no post! ^___^"
i have been busy, sorry!

tomorrow i will fly to China and Hong Kong for a short holiday!
it was a last minute decision made last 2 weeks ago so i won't be staying long, for 10 days only! :(
i was supposed to leave on the 13th, but tickets have been booked full :( so i will be going tomorrow morning and coming back on the 29th :)

my next proper post will be made in early February! so don't forget to look forward to it hehe :)

(blurry phone pic taken 2 weeks ago when waiting for a train at night XD)

when i went clubbing for the 2nd time 2 weeks ago, this was my eye make up for the night:

i went for a different look as i didn't use black eyeliner this time, but blue!

used only white and marine blue shadow! then mascara lashes

(wearing GEO CM 901 - tri colour grey lenses)

anyway, i hope everyone is doing well and being safe!
it will be Winter in China/HK! i will be looking forward to it as it is hot and warm in Sydney now XD hehe can't wait to do shopping there!!

i won't be on the internet when im gone, so ill see you all next month everyone, take care!



  1. Nice eye make-up! Have fun in yout holiday trip!!! :D

  2. OOoo pretty eye liner :)
    Hope you have fun on holiday! :D

  3. wow your eyes look so pretty with the blue color!!!

  4. :] Have a great and safe trip!

  5. nice eyes with the make up and the circle lenses

    hav a great trip!!

  6. i love the blue! what brand eyeshadow do you use? :)
    *jealous* of you going to hk! xP

  7. Safe trip!! And the eye make is so dreamy!

  8. Blogwalking greetings from INDONESIA to your side of world! Take care!
    follow my blog..
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    okay,love you ;)

  9. You are oneee prettttyyy doll! I have an award for you! :D Congratulationnnnn Joey!