Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back From China + Hong Kong!!!

Hello everyone!!! :)

long time no post hehe how have you all been?!
i came back from my holiday last friday!

i wont be posting my pictures about my trip yet because i need to upload and organize it as i haven't had time to unpack all my luggage yet! ^___^"

but i like to show you some pictures for now hehe XD
i went to my 2 friend's joint birthday house party the night i came back!
this was my eye make for the night:

1. Used white, light brown and dark brown shadow:

2. Used black gel eyeliner then set it with black eyeshadow:

3. Then mascara lashes (used Fiberwig mascara i bought from HK) and add false lashes:

i really like this eye makeup style! i love the Fiberwig mascara too hehe
i kept my hair simple as i didnt have time to curl it XD

here is a sneak peak of part of the things ive bought from my trip!
(i am holding Japanese "D.U.P" eyelashes created by model Aiku Maikawa! these are popular and loved by Popteen models!)

so last saturday, the 30th was my bestfriend's 18th birthday! she celebrated it at a nightclub ;D
this is what we looked on the night before we headed out to the city :D

(we are wearing same small crowns and dresses from the same brand but different style hehe sorry for the dark and blurry photo!!)

i accidentally spilled a little water on my keyboard and now i cant type properly :( im using an on-screen keyboard and its so slow and hard to type :(

i really love Hong Kong!!
there are so much young people and couples~ especially at night!
and the shopping in both China and HK are wonderful! except its much cheaper in China compared to HK hehe

my next few posts will definitely be about my trip and my shopping there!
i bought so much things i will group them under each new post. the groups are: clothing, make up, shoes, accessories, lingerie, hats, bags :)

please look forward to them hehe

how are you all doing?
it's the last month of Summer in Australia now XD



  1. Last month of summer? Holy crap, right now we have a snowstorm here in Sweden XD I envy you who live in Australia, it must be paradise!
    You are gorgeus, btw! ^_^

  2. Oooh, I'm looking forward to the haul post 8D
    Lucky you, I want to go abroad -.-

  3. wow!! I want to go to China haha I can make big shopping there :PIm looking forward to your enxt post! I want to see your shopping :D

    you and your friend are so gorgeous on this picuture!
    I love your clothes *o*/ and shooes!! haha

    Your make up and cat eye is so cute ;D

  4. OH i recognize those false eyelashes, funny I just used them on one of my models at this photoshoot I was working at. Japanese false eyelashes ROCKS!!!!

  5. Nice makeup! Your eyes are sooo pretty! And you and your friend look great in the pic, even if it is a bit dark! XO

  6. Wow! I can't wait to see your upcoming posts. Lol!

    It's the last month of summer for you? It's SNOWING so much where I live right now. I can't wait for spring time to come *sigh* Well, I hope you REST enough and feel better to blog again soon :)

  7. (: Welcome back! The weather overseas must've been a more pleasant that the weather over here!

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  8. Lovely make up!
    You look so sweet and pretty!

  9. Lovely makeup! I love your eyes:)

  10. Love your blog! I really like your makeup here! So Jealous of your big eyes!

  11. Just popping by to say i enjoy reading your blog.
    Like how you post pictures of how you do your make-up, it gives me inspiration!

  12. yyaaayyy! welcome home! soo happy you liked China and Hong Kong, they're my two favourite places in the world! hope you swung by Lan Kwai Fong and checked out the international chinese there! =P
    Can't freakin' waaaaaiiittt to see your haul!
    get crackin with unpacking your luggage and sort out your pictures woman! ^_^
    Michelle X

  13. ~ °3° I really like U´r eyes~

    they´r beautiful ! >//<

  14. like i said, im always lovin your eye makeup! you have the best eye makeup ever.. and you look like a gyaru model ;) <3 i wish i had the opportunity to travel.. i would definitely want to go to hong kong.. *sigh* one day.. glad you had a great time!!!