Saturday, February 20, 2010

Red Head!!

hello everyone!
how is your weekend so far??

i dyed my hair last tuesday!

this time i wanted a red shade, so i used this hair dye:
Schwarzkof Brilliance hair colour in Red Passion #43

this is the colour on the day i dyed it:
what do you think of the colour??

it has now gotten a little lighter!
though it is a dark red shade indoors XD

i went out to the city on Friday night for my friend's 20th birthday!
this was my eye make up:

i was supposed to go see Tila Tequila and Jeri Lee at Tank nightclub last night, but a situation had arise the day before so my friends and i did not end up seeing them :(

im hoping she will come back to Australia in the future!!!!

sorry everyone for the extreme lag of my next China+HK Shopping post!
i have been extremely busy and tired ever since i started fashion design...
it tires me out so much and i don't have much time to do a lot of the things i used to do when i didn't start yet :(

thank you for patiently waiting! i will post it on tuesday! :)

have a great week!



  1. Wow, I love ur new hair color, it suits u so much and u look so pretty with it^^

  2. Nice colour.. and from a box too (:
    aww too bad you didnt see tila.. next time!

  3. Love the hair colour. <3 It fits you. ;)

  4. :] Lovely hair colour Joanna!

    Take your time with the shopping post. :D The wait is worth it.

  5. This colour is so cool! U are great!!! :)

    Don't worry about Tila, you will see her in the future!!

  6. great colour! i also have dark red hair with some black highlights and i love this color. since many year (i think 10 years) i have diffrent types of red tones. i think you can wear this colour!

    and your eye make up is great. i love it!

  7. I'm a new reader ^-^

    I really love your new hair color, it looks great on you (:

    Nice to meet you ~

  8. that's a really nice hair color! <3 (and I like your eye make-up!)

  9. it really suits you! absolutely love the eyes.

    fingers crossed that tila will return ;P

  10. great color!!
    love it X3

    i follow u!! *-*

  11. You look beautiful :).
    I like your blog so I follow it x).

  12. You look very pretty and your eyes are big (in a good way) :D Your blog is very cute and inspiring!