Tuesday, February 23, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 3: BAGS

hello everyone!

time for my 3rd shopping post :) about the bags i have bought!!
still a few more posts to come! im saving the best for last ;) hehe

okay let's start!

1. Anna Sui inspired cream floral chain bag: 150元 = $25AUD

i love this bag! the design and style is so feminine and cute hehe
the back of the bag:

i also have the same bag but in black! i bought this last year in a shop hehe it cost $40AUD!

2. Tan studded sling bag: 35元 = $5.83AUD

the material is very soft! i like the studded details hehe

it also came with a small strap so it could turn into a handbag :)

3. Red studded chain handbag: 40元 = $6.67AUD

this handbag is so cool! it is completely covered in studs!!!

the bottom...very cool huh?? XD

4. Brown stripe chain bag: 40元 = $6.67AUD

this bag reminds me of chocolate! i like the stripe detail hehe

the side of the bag...the chain around the bag is cool XD

5. Charcoal studded bag: 65元 = $10.83

i like using this bag to college because it is large and stylish :)

it also came with a long attachable strap so it can turn into a sling bag :)
have you noticed that studded items are still popular? XD

my other friend went to see Tila Tequila and Jeri Lee earlier this week at Melbourne before they came to Sydney! XD

here are two pictures on how Tila looked on the night:

she looks funky and cute!!! ruffled corset...tulle skirt, studded belt, zebra tights...a very funky outfit! XD

up close of her outfit! ahhhh so cute i like it in my opinion :)
how about you? hate it or love it? hehe

have a safe week everyone, take care :)



  1. I like Tila's outfit too. the dress is so cute♥

    You have bought really nice bags~ I love those anna sui inspired bags

  2. My favorite bag is the red bag.
    Usually, I don't really like the red but yours is really attractive :D !!

  3. love the bag and picture of Tila..her corset is awsome!

  4. Omg I love the charcoal studded bag! CUTE!!

  5. Wow! I love the flower bag!<3 absolute love

  6. i wanna go shopping in china now...such cute, cheap, & fun things! 8)

    <33 rena

  7. I like #4 bag (: I'm not a huge fan of studs.

    Tila looked cute! I like her outfit.. very attention grabbing but its ok (:

  8. I agree with those who likes the Red Studded bag. whooo I love the colour red!

    AWESOME bag shopping Joey!!!! (thumbs up)

    I look forward to your next shopping post

    <3 Gerry

  9. didnt like her skirt and belt, and zebra was much for this look. but her hair style is very cute!!

    this is totally beautiful bags~ i like much that white one!
    this is something diff! having two bags too similar! i'd do the same 'cause the white is just PERFECTTT ^.^ and much cheaper!!
    brown striped bag is just totally beautiful!! i want one too >.< i love these charms!!
    please post sets with these bags!!

    im so anxious for next post. i want to see more beautiful items~

    congratulations for you cute blog~ i love it and this is at my fav blogs. i'll be much happy if you come and visit mine too~

  10. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

  11. I adooooooore the chain bags!

    Oh does Tila sing or something? :O

  12. cute bags .. i need new bags too! hehhe.. the studded bags are my favorites

    i love tila's outfit.. she used to be my inspiration in style.

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  14. Yay! i luv Tila Tequila, i've watched "shot & love with tila tequila 1 and 2" many times :D