Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everyone!

how was your Valentines? did you receive roses and chocolates or teddy bears? hehe
did you celebrate it with a loved one, or friends? ^____^

me, i spent it with two of my friends :)
later my girl friend left early so it was just me and my other friend hanging out at the city :)

i was so surprised to receive these roses and teddy bear from him hehe
the teddy is so cute!!!

this was my look for the day!

this was how i did my eye make up:

1. Used cream coloured shadow and rose pink shadow outer corner (sorry forgot to take a proper picture without the eyeliner!)

2. Tight line upper and lower liner with pencil, then used liquid eyeliner on upper lid. Then set it with black shadow:

3. Mascara upper and lower lashes and add false lashes (used Japanese D.U.P eyelashes featured in previous posts) :

I also would like to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
did anyone get any red pockets? hehe

this Saturday, my bestfriend and i will be going to TANK Nightclub to see Tila Tequila and Jeri Lee LIVE!
i am so excited! we got VIP tickets hehe so we will be able to meet and greet Tila, take a professional photo with her and have access to her VIP room :)

(Tila Tequila!)

(Jeri Lee!)

i know that there are some people who don't like Tila, but i don't care what people say because i have no problem with her; just neutral :)
im just excited to see her come to Sydney! it will be a wonderful experience ^___^

i will be dying my hair RED tomorrow!
i am so excited! i've been red headed once, but i can't wait to be again!
i haven't dyed my hair for 2-3months now XD

(Last picture before i dye my hair XD taken yesterday!)

i will try to post my next China + HK Shopping Part 3 tomorrow along with the hair dye results! if i don't, i will post later in the week :)

have a great and safe week everyone!!



  1. i cant imagine you being a red head xD
    jeri lee is pretty *v*
    thanks for the tutorial! simple yet striking look :)

  2. that's cool!!!! you are able to meet Tila~

  3. Love your make up:)Hope you have fun meeting Tila Tequila

  4. Yeah! You're sooo lucky to meet Tila Tequila! (That's one of my dream *___*)! Have fun!

  5. so lucky to meet such a sexy lady like tila! plus, the valentine look is gorgeous! 8)

    <33 rena

  6. I love Tila, she's a gorgeous creature!
    make sure you tell us how it was (:

  7. Aww glad you had a great Valentine's Day :) I didn't really do anything for it coz of CNY (not that I ever do anything for V-day LOL)

    Can't wait to see your new dyed hair, I'm sure it's gonna look gorgeous! You suit any colour ^_^

    Also can't wait for your shopping part 3 XD


  8. love much your blog~ i've been reading it for a time but i had never commented before. your make up and clothes are really cute~ ^^ and one great thing is that you're in summertime and i'm too. so no winter clothes at your blog actually!^^
    visit my blog too i'll be so happy~
    thanks for posting!^^

  9. You're Beautiful. I love your make up and your hair....hehehehee Stay Gorgeous!!! I hope you'll have an amazing day. take care

    Love, Cydia

  10. at least that biatch is not wearing color contact lenses.