Monday, February 8, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 2: LINGERIE

hello everyone!

thank you for looking forward to my next few posts about my purchases ^___^
today's post will show you the lingerie i have bought!
they are so pretty and cheap hehe

okay, let's start!

1. Pink x White lace gingham print set: 18元 = $3AUD

i love this! the rose ribbon center is sweet

2. Teal x White lace ribbon set: 18元 = $3AUD

i love the bra design! ^___^

3. Leopard print x Black lace set: 18元 = $3AUD

the leopard print with black lace makes it sexy!

4. Lilac x White lace gingham print set: 18元 = $3AUD

i love the layered frilled lace! even on the straps XD

5. Zebra print x Cobalt blue lace set: 18元 = $3AUD

the zebra print is unique! the black and blue colour is sexy XD

6. Black x White lace satin set: 18元 = $3AUD

simple and girly! i love black x white items ^____^

7. Leopard print x Yellow lace set: 18元 = $3AUD

this is unique! it comes with an extra lace strap that you can tie around your neck! lol

8. Pink x Black lace Babydoll set: 35元 = $5.83AUD

this is so cute! it is also very soft and comfortable to wear ^___^
a close up of the babydoll top:

that's all now for this part! hehe my next post will most likely be next week!

i've started fashion design now, and it makes me very tired these days! my neck and shoulders hurt from sewing XD

hope everyone is having a fun and safe week!
Valentines is coming hehe do you have anything planned for it?
me? i don't know yet :)



  1. omg... i love the pink and the leopard one... so so sexy hun!

  2. OH MY GAWD!
    I'm so in love with your lingerie purchases! you have great taste in under garments ;) ahahaha

    $3AU is super cheap!

    Happy early Valentines Joey! and enjoy your fashion design course :)

    - Gerry

  3. I found your blog a few days ago and I must WOW. I just looooooooove your blog and the layout is so cute.

    Those lingerie purchases are so yummy. And the price, omg. Here in Finland lingerie is very very expensive, especially the sexy ones.

    But hey, greetings from the cold Finland and keep up the good work with your blog ~ ♥

  4. :D oh yeah its hurting me too when im sewing
    especially if u sew 6-8 hours on a day

    and nice underwear that u bought :)

    well ma man is in the states so its bad to give him something as a present and if we have valentines day i would like to be with him and enjoy this day together:D

  5. black and blue bra where is Zebra print is so cool and number 2, they look great as well.

  6. you bouthg so cute things. i like them all :)

  7. O: Such cute lingeries! The colours for the teal one is just lovely.

  8. Love the black and withe complete and the pink baby doll <333

  9. OMG! so cute and inexpensive! i can't wait to shop for lingerie!

    <33 rena

    p.s. you should get massages, especially after sewing for long periods of time.

  10. so cute! look at all the colors! i love it! so cheap too.. how lucky..btw, how are you? hope you're well!!! <3<3 hehe school souds great, i wish i took fashio too.. take care!!! sorry the letter after m stopped workig & so the letter is missig haha

    all that lingerie is amazing.
    i cant even buy a bottle of coke for $3AUD ha.
    and i live in australia aha. :)
    good picks! so cute!

  12. hi just found your blog not too long ago, you're so cute! great job on the cheap finds! they are so sexy and pretty!


  13. do u know any cute websites where we can purchase these?! I love them!!

  14. Glad you had fun on your holiday :)

    I love your lingerie haul its all so cute!

  15. wow I love everything on here! i need to upgrade my lingerie!

    well anyways I have an award for waiting for you on my blog check it out!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend -Jhoy!

  16. Heys! i got th same pink bra set as yours! All th same :D