Thursday, February 4, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 1: SHOES

hello everyone :)

unpacked some items today: Shoes i've bought!
i also replaced my keyboard with my brother's 2nd one for now so it will be much easier to type :D

things are so cheap in China and HK!
especially when $1AUD = 6元 (CNY) hehe which is so good! last time when i went in 2008, $1AUD = 4元 CNY lol
okay let's start! :)

1. Grey suede ribbon flats: 39元 = $6.50AUD

i love the ribbon detail with the small studs hehe

2. White + Silver sequined flats: 39元 = $6.50AUD

the silver sequins goes all the way around the flats!

3. Zebra print + Blue ribbon heels: 29元 = $4.80AUD

i love these!!! the blue satin ribbon makes it cuter XD

4. Red suede studded flats: 39元 = $6.50AUD

i love the studded look! when i was in China and HK, there are so many studded items! like shoes, bags, belts, clothing etc

5. White 14 eyed Dr. Martens inspired boots: 109元 = $18.16AUD

i love the height of these! not too short, not too high :)

6. Caramel brown boots with ribbon: 45元 = $7.50AUD

the ribbon detail is so cute!!!!

7. Dark brown suede button boots: 50元 = $8.33AUD

the boot style is the same as the Caramel brown boots! except there is a button detail instead!

8. Red ribbon flats: 45元 = $7.50AUD

9. Light brown cat slippers: 10元 = $1.66AUD

10. White heels: 59元 = $9.83AUD

11. White studded flats: 25元 = $4.16AUD

i love these!!!!! there are studs everywhere :D

i love the small and large studs hehe

so thats all for the SHOES category :) hehe
ill post up the next category early next week!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the warm welcoming back, and thank you for following me :D
it makes me happy that there are people interested in my blog ^____^



  1. what!!!??? so many shoes and they're all so darn cheap too!!! i think i wanna take a trip to china one of these days JUST TO GO SHOPPING! goshers...if i could i'd get myself those cute boots and the blue heels!

    i can't wait to see what other goodies you brought back from china!!! 8)

    <33 rena

  2. JOEY!
    your shoe shopping looks bloody good!
    Ahaha I'm actually saving up for Doc Martens T_T
    I would go to china/HK --- if only I understood Chinese.

    I bought circle lens from the site you recommended on your blog :)

    Keep up the great work~ I can't wait to read your next post!

    <3 Gerry

  3. wow! nice shopping! all it's soooo cheap!! The red ribbons pumps are absolutely awesome! *_*

    It's good to see u again! your blog is so cute! <3

  4. Thanks for your comment <3
    I personally love the Caramel brown boots and the cat slippers..are so sweet!!! <3

  5. SUPER CUTE SHOES!! I LOVE THE BOOTS! now i needa go to china.

  6. wow! lot of nice shoes!!most the 4,6 and 10 ...they are soo nice ^^

    btw:very nice blog :)

  7. pretty shoes! i cant wait till i go hk next =p

  8. oooommmggggggg they SOOo NICEE!!
    especially the studded ones and the Dr Martens!
    i'm going through a phase of studs and dr martens so very veryyyyy jealous right now. =P
    Michelle X

  9. I love those high heels with blue ribbons!! *_* And white high heels too!

  10. Gorgeous shoes ♥ My favourite is the "Zebra print + Blue ribbon heels" Those are so hot.

  11. OMGGGGG THOSSS ARE FRIG CUTE!!! <3 Yayy, you're bloggging again!<3 I love the background by the way hehe xoxo

  12. valla he caido aqui de casualidad,
    tienes un blog interesante

    keil ( )

  13. im in love with your zebra heels! it'll match my umbrella! xD except its pink not blue. =P
    and you had room in you suitcase to fit everything in? xP

  14. Damn, Joey! Your shoes are uber cute! And wth? Sooo cheap, too! I'm surprised you didn't go CRAZIER there. Lol! I'm not much of a flats girl, but with these flats here...they def make me reconsider. :p

  15. OMG all of those shoes look so delicious, im going to China in a month and these posts help me a lot. Can't wait for the other stuff you bought. : )

  16. i love all ur new shoes especially the dark brown boots.. i cant wait to see ur other stuff

  17. OMFG! Awesome shoes! *_* I'm going to HK/CHINA next week aswell!..and well, I NEED to know where those doc martens are from!! Ahh!! Please can you tell me? =P

  18. wow hk china has the best stuff.. my favorites are all the different boots <3 i love the doc marten white ones ..very cute!! you gotta take me there sometime! hehe

  19. WOWWWWWWWWW so much pretty shoesssss! You're so lucky to go to HK! I would buy the whole shoe store and be broke for the next couple of months!!! LOOOL (y)


  20. did u get these shoes from china or hong kong? I'll be going to hk over the summer...where would u recommend to shop?