Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UPDATE + Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up!

hello everyone!

long time no post! fashion work has been occupying my time, and i have been spending most weekends with my boyfriend too ^___^

today, this will be an update post with some of my recent purchases and two Nana Suzuki inspired make up hehe :)

(sporting the Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #2 hehe keep reading for that part!)

don't worry! i have not forgotten about my China+HK Shopping posts! i have two more parts to post up :D

i have been shopping again lately, as i don't have much time to shop weekly like i used to :(
i bought many clothes but i haven't taken pictures of them yet!

1. Black Strap Sandals from Rubi Shoes = $10AUD

2. Dalmatian Print Beret from eBay = $7.30AUD

this arrived today! it was such fast shipping, in only a week! this was the last stock, i was so happy to buy it as i don't have a Dalmatian Print beret before hehe

3. Pink x Black Polka Dot Dress = $20AUD

how it looks like on me when i tried it in the dressing room:

i really like the back style! it's so cool :)
a close up of the front and back design:

i also wore this dress to my boyfriend's 21st birthday outing :)

okay, make up time!
I don't/don't want to look like Nana, this is just an inspired make up i have created for fun because i appreciate her make up!
i tried my best to create a make up style similar to Nana Suzuki's! it was easier for me to try because i have the main products needed since she uses the exact same too! which are the MAC #7 eyelashes, and the Rich Accent Eyelashes i have shown to you in my previous post!

Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #1:

(this was the picture i have chosen as my inspiration! i only focus on her eye make up style)

Nana mainly uses gold and brown eyeshadow! you don't have to follow it, but these shades are natural and are commonly used on Japanese magazine models! you can always go for a change and use different combination of shades!
She also mainly does not use eyeliner along her lower eyelashes, as she lines it a little below it to create the illusion of a fuller, rounder eye! this time i have not done that, instead i lined on my lower eyelashes.
(i should probably try that kind of eye make up one day and post it!)

okay, let's start! :)
1. I first used a gold/light brown shadow as a base all over my lid stopping at my eye socket. Then i used a slightly darker brown shade on the outer eyelid.

2. Then i tight lined with a black pencil eyeliner, then lined around my eye using Maybelline gel eyeliner. After that i curled and added mascara to top and bottom lashes.

3. Added top false lashes, using MAC #7 which i LOVE!

4. Added bottom false lashes,using Japanese Rich Accent Eyelashes :) i put two lashes on each eye, starting from the outer corner along my eyeliner:

VOILA! the eye make up is done :) Nana mainly uses a baby pink shade for her cheeks, along with light pink lip gloss hehe

(love these Rich Accent Eyelashes! if you don't have a SASA store in your country, you can purchase them online!)

Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #2:

(the picture i chose as my inspiration! again, i only focused on her eye make up)

when i created this look, i didnt take step by step pictures ^___^" i followed the same eyeshadow procedure like the first one!

this make up is similar to the first one! the only difference there is, is that i did not line my bottom lashes, used white eyeshadow and white eyeliner in my inner corner of the eyes, and only added one lower eyelash on each eye!

overall look of the Nana Suzuki Inspired Make Up #2 :)

i hope this has inspired you all! these two make up looks was my first attempt and i know it isn't 110% like Nana's but hopefully close enough ^___^
i will try two more different Nana Suzuki looks, only this time i will use COLORED eyeshadow, such as blue :)
please look forward to this! ^____^

last Saturday, i got my belly pierced!
i have always wanted it, and finally i have :)
it didn't hurt at all! there was only a short small pain when it was pierced, but after that it feels like there is no piercing at all! if you follow the aftercare procedures, you are all set for a safe healing!

(my best friend was with me and took this XD)

have a fun and safe week everyone! :)

meow ~


  1. you are very cute! keep it up
    hope ur belly doesnt get infected

  2. aww your so pretty! & yayee for belly pierced! :)

  3. cutie picts..and the make up are really cool!
    love the shoes!

  4. i loveeeee the printed baret! it's so CUTE! and the dress tooo! super kawaii! : ) love the make-up tutorial as well!

  5. u really have beautiful eyes
    and thats a really lovely dress that u have :)

  6. love the dress and the look! <3


  7. you bought really nice items ^^..and thankx for that tutoriall..i will try him, i love Nana Suzuki, she is so cute, and that your tutoriall is great.
    btw: you are very brave that you have piercing..i am scared of pain xD
    btw2: you are very cute on photos:)

  8. loving the tutorials!
    you inspire me
    --- nice piercing, looks painful ><
    Have a lovely day
    <3 Gerry

  9. My favourite lashes are mac no7 too.

    Nice look.


  10. hi hi

    i nominated you for a blog award
    because, i really like what kind of stuff like make-up and everything you post on ur blog its just lovely :)
    Just check it on my blog whenever you want to

    Cheon-Hwa ^^

  11. love it! and the dress is gorge <3

    i want to get my belly button done but scared xD

  12. That dress looks awesome! And I love both make-up styles~ So cute!

  13. omg you've got beautiful eyes!! love it girl!
    I hope you don't mind if I follow you on blogspot :3
    and I always wanted a belly piercing but I don' t really have a nice belly -_-

  14. so cute!!!!! I love suzuki nana too!! nice inspired makeup!! ♥

  15. the dress is so pretty, I would like one too:)

  16. really cute!
    nana is cute, so are yoU! ^^

  17. i love the beret.. its so cute.. i forgot the ebay link where you buy stuff.. haha i 'll just look at my previous posts and comments

  18. 成功等於目前,其他都是這句話的註解。......................................................

  19. Awww you are so cute! Got to start reading this blog :3

  20. aww your photos reminds me of Goo Hara from KaRa ^_^ cute

  21. heehee first time commenting. you are talented with makeup and the Nana inspired look is really pretty on you ^^