Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey everyone!

I know i haven't blogged for SO sorry please forgive me!
i have been so busy and caught up with my Fashion work, it's very stressing and takes up most my time...I also have a job now as a club promoter so im always at the club mostly every weekend and i also spend time with my boyfriend on the weekend this means that i am mostly busy everyday, every week! :(

(has my look changed in these 2 months? haha maybe not...XD)

i still remember that i have 2 more posts of my China/HK Shopping...and some make up posts too! i also have to update my banner too hehe XD

i hope all you will understand and please wait for these posts! (i know, im lagging so much...)
im trying hard to find the time to take pictures and re-size them for posting!
and im finding it hard to juggle between fashion work, job and social life =/

i also will be buying some new contacts soon since all of mine will expire this year!
im sure some of you have heard about the new PINK contacts!
they look really cool don't they? i think ill buy a pair of those too hehe

(*picture not of me* Super Nudy Pink contacts!! There are also other styles such as Candy Pink and Max Pure Pink!)

If any of you have any questions about make up or anything in general don't hesitate to ask by commenting in this post! (since i rarely look back at the comments made in my super old posts)

I hope all of you are having fun and staying safe :)



  1. I love your first look a bit like Goo hara from Kara in that pretty :)


  2. wow thanks haha you're the 2nd person to tell me that!

  3. Pretty :] i'm going for max pure pink
    urs look stunning!
    nice post x

  4. omg pink lenses!??!?!?!?! i looove it hun!

  5. haha no sorry guys thats not me wearing them :)
    *ill go edit*

  6. awww I hope you blog more,
    I actually missed visiting your blog :'O

    <3 Gerry

  7. So cute blog!
    I love it :*
    Please visit me!
    Thank U!
    have a nice day!

  8. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ..............................

  9. I love your blog!! *o* is very cute and you! *o*

  10. Necessity is the mother of invention..........................