Monday, May 31, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 5: ACCESSORIES!!!!

Hello everyone :)

okay i managed to finish some work early so i have time to post up the long postponed shopping posts!!! i will post up my LAST part of the China/HK shopping series either later tonight or tomorrow :)

Note: i haven't taken pictures of me wearing these items yet because i haven't worn half of these so i will take pics asap when i do!

let's get started!!! hehe

1. Berets (from L to R: Brown studded: 43元 = $7.16. Red, White, Grey leopard print: 60元 (20元 each) = $3.34 AUD each)

i love berets! these are a nice addition to my collection :) it's Winter in Australia now so these are just right!

2. Brown x White pom pom scarf: 40元 = $6.67 AUD

3. Beige fluffy cat hat/scarf in one: 49元 = $8.17 AUD

when i first saw this i HAD to get it! they are so cute, warm and fluffy :) not to mention it's a 2 in 1 hat + scarf AND you can keep you hands warm too!

4. Black fluffy cat hat/scarf in one: 49元 = $8.17 AUD

i had to get the same item in black too :)

5. Red + Purple Houndstooth Scarves: 20元 (10元 each) = $1.67 AUD each

6. White + Leopard fluffy ear muffs: 120元 (60元 each) = $10 AUD each

i absolutely LOVE these! i've always wanted them ever since i saw them in Popteen etc, but they were rarely to be seen in shops in Australia so i was really happy to find these! (there was a light pink one too, i regret i didnt buy it at the time!)

7. Plush ear muffs (from L to R: Hot Pink, Black, Grey, Brown): 36元 (9元 each) = $1.50 AUD each

these were dirt cheap!!!! (compared to the other 2 i bought in HK) i spotted these in a small market in China :) these aren't fluffy though, they are plush! i prefer the fluffy ones more XD but these are just as cute and soft too!

8. White fluffy pom pom hat: 90元 = $15 AUD

again, i've always wanted this when i saw them in AGEHA :) Australia doesn't have this as well so i was really happy to find them in HK! i also regret i didnt buy the brown coloured version of this! :(
things in HK are much nicer and stylish compared to items from China, HK mainly have a lot of Japanese inspired items :)

9. Silver Diamante mini Crown x2: 20元 (10元 each) = $1.66 AUD each

i bought one for my best friend and one for myself as when i was coming back to Aus it was just in time for her 18th birthday at a club :) so i thought this would be something nice for the both of us to wear since we are both born in January hehe

10. 24K Gold Bracelet: 3800元 = $633.34 AUD

my grandparents bought me this :) i promised them i will never take it off, so sorry i can't take a proper picture of the bracelet by itself!

i had a look through other jewelry stores, but this one caught my eye :)
i think it's simple but stylish :)
to me, the designs reminds me of the Louis Vuitton symbols on their merchandise haha!

that's all for PART 5 :)
wow i've just noticed that all these items are suitable for Autumn/Winter XD
keep tuned for the last part!!!!!

it's gotten so much colder here in Aus as it is winter now :( i really miss the sunny warm days! im sure most of you are enjoying the warmer and sunnier days on the other side of the world? :) hehe



  1. I love all your stuff you bought
    and I want that cute bear scarf/hat :D so cute
    and the bracelet's pretty.


  2. all theses items r so cute and look so fluffy and soft <3

  3. I'm so inlove with the pompom scarf and white pompom hat!! <3, why don't we ever get any of the good stuff in Aus? and why is it when we get some, prices are like 300% mark-up?! it's so unfair ~_~

    Kigu's do cost a bit, but I think it's quite worth it coz they are really nice ^_^, more comfortable than PJ's I've bought in AU... ~_~, plus the double as costumes ^_^

  4. I absolutele tutely love pom poms!
    Man I so gotta go shopping in HK one day, sooo much to buy!
    Glad to see you blogging again girl~

    <3 Gerry

  5. I'm with you, here's winter too!
    But surely you'll keep warm with these cute fluffy items! Love them all!!
    Thanks for posting! Please don't forget last part!

  6. those stuff are great! which part of hong kong did u get them from? i'm in hong kong now and would love to know where to shop! : )

  7. wow that's a lot of stuff.. makes me wanna go to hk now.. i heard they have a betsey johnson factory in hk... that's why i want to go badly

  8. you buy the most cutest things! i love the eaqr muff hun