Monday, May 31, 2010

China/HK Shopping Part 6: CLOTHES!!!!

hey everyone :)

here's the LAST part of my China/HK shopping posts as promised!!

my next few posts will be UPDATES on my shopping and make up purchases, PLUS make up looks i have created while i wasn't blogging :)
im so excited to show you it! so please look forward to them!

okay, lets get started!

1. Black x White Coat + Fur Collar: 30元 = $5 AUD

the fur collar is so stylish i love it! i also wear it with other outfits :)

2. White fur pom pom Cape: 49元 = $8.17 AUD

i LOVE this! you rarely find something like this in Australia so it was a great find :) i really like the pom poms too! makes it more cute hehe

3. White x Black x Brown Leopard Jumper + Scarf: 59元 = $9.83 AUD

the cool thing is that it came with a scarf/neck warmer!! pom poms are so cute :P

4. Brown Leopard quilted fur Hoodie: 115元 = $19.17 AUD

i wear this very often :) i love the leopard print inside! some of my next items including this one may look messy because i have worn them many times lol

5. Grey over sized pom pom Hoodie: 49元 = $8.17 AUD

this is so cute! and warm hehe i love the furry heart print and pockets! again, pom poms are pretty popular in clothing and accessories for Autumn/Winter in Asia :)

6. Black studded hoodie: 38元 = $6.34 AUD

the exact colour of this jacket is shown on the 3rd picture! i really like the ruffled and studded details on this jacket! so unique :)

7. Black x Gold fur Hoodie: 99元 = $16.15 AUD

again, the exact colour of this jacket is shown on the 3rd picture :) i really like wearing this! it is cool and stylish hehe i love fur hoodies!

8. Black x White rabbit over sized Hoodie: 160元 = $26.67 AUD

i had to get this when i saw it! i never owned any animal themed hoodie before! plus this one has really adorable rabbit pockets :) not to mention rabbit ears on the hoodie and a cute fluffy tail at the back ^_____^

9. Navy x Plaid skirt: 25元 = $4.17 AUD

like Japan, China and HK sells really short skirts! (and it's popular among girls) i won't be surprised if it was windy and the wind blew it up and reveals your under garments lol!

10. Black x Cream striped over sized Hoodie: 79元 = $13.17 AUD

this is too cute! the teddy bear and little golden studs are lovely :) i love over sized hoodies!

11. Cream x Gold fluffy Hoodie: 50元 = $8.34 AUD

i love the golden motifs and lining! cream x gold is a great combination :)

12. Black, Brown, Red, Purple Tights: 40元 (10元 each) = $1.67 AUD each

gotta love tights for the cold seasons!!!!

13. Black x White stripe socks: 10元 = $1.67 AUD

i love stripes on socks :)

well that is all for this post!!!

i can't wait to update you with my shopping/make up purchases AND make up looks i've created :)



  1. Black x White rabbit over sized Hoodie is love!! specially the bunny tail ^_^...ah pompoms make anything instantly cute!!....ur HK haul is awesome...I wish we had stuff like that in AU >_<

  2. You've found so much nice stuff ^^

  3. madddddd gorgeous!, i LOVE LOVE your taste.

  4. i love the pompom cape.. it's so cute. omg ..
    u'll look great on it

  5. nice clothes n_n my favorite is the heart hoodie <3

  6. honey, I love your style. I've been looking for something like that heart sweater >< but they're not so cheap here ;( and you're pretty.

  7. much cute stuffs§! i really like your fashion style! you are lucky that you found so cute pieces ^^

    my favourites are: Cream x Gold fluffy Hoodie,Navy x Plaid skirt,Black studded hoodie, Brown Leopard quilted fur Hoodie and everything with pomp poms is soo lovely and cute^^

  8. Love these clothes!!!!
    I'm from AU as well and like you said it's so hard to find these types of clothings here...or either they are really expensive!!

    Just wondering where did you get them from? I'll be going to HK this coming winter with a friend and I really want to get LOTS of nice clothes but I've no idea where to go shopping...