Wednesday, June 16, 2010

UPDATE: Accessory Purchases + Make Up Looks

hey everyone :)

this is a post showing some of my purchases i have made recently! i bought new clothes too, but i haven't taken pictures of them yet XD

let's get started!
DIVA (Australian Jewelery store) was having their mid year sale so of course i took advantage of it hehe i think it's cheap! i wouldn't normally spend $30 on a necklace or ring lol

1. Native/Bohemian Necklace: $5 AUD

i love the details on this necklace! and the feathers add a great touch to it as well :)

2.Gold x Black set of Bangles: $7 AUD

3. "Love" Pearl Bracelet: $3 AUD

i think this is very cute! it has a dangling diamante at the end too hehe

4. Gold x Black Chain Bracelet: $5 AUD

love this bracelet! it has many charms on it and i love the hanging gold chains on it too!

5. Gold Antique look Ring: $5 AUD

6. Silver x Black Ring: $5 AUD

7. Black x Silver 3 in 1 Ring: $5 AUD

i love these kind of rings where you can fit 2 or 3 fingers on!
this style is very cool with a rock chic feel to it hehe

8. Pink x Gold Quilted Sling Bag: $30 AUD

i am in LOVE with this bag!!! it was love at first sight hehe
the bag is VERY soft, and i think it is very cute and feminine! the quilted design with the gold studs are gorgeous :) and not to mention the ruffles!!!! so cute

9. Silver Sequined Heels: $10 AUD

okay! so this look was created i think 2 weeks ago before i went clubbing! :)
i really like this look! the green shadow makes my eyes stand out!

How i acheived this look:

1. Highlight brows with white shadow
2. Sweep Green shadow all over lid and halfway through lower lid.
3. Add white shadow to inner corner of eyes
4. Eyeliner pencil around the eye, then set it with gel eyeliner + black eyeshadow
5. Mascara top + bottom lashes
6. Add top lashes + separate lashes to bottom outer lashes

a close up of my eyes...LOL i realised how dodgy i applied my false lashes haha please forgive me! ^___^"

the theme the club i went to (and work at) was "Winter Wonderland" so to get into the theme, i wore my white ear muffs i bought from HK :) the club even had snow machines!
it was really cool since it doesn't snow in Sydney! :( unless you visit other parts of Australia haha i've only seen/played with snow ONCE!

i have also recently deco-ed my purse mirror! i have finished it 2 weeks ago hehe i will post it up in my next post :)
my friend is an AVON Rep, and i have ordered 2 foundations and an eyeliner from her, so i will show you them in the next post too! this is my 1st time purchasing Avon products :)
i think i will also make a post about my boyfriend and i next time hehe

have a great week everyone!



  1. oh wow your eyes are huge!!!

  2. wow I love that bag! It's super cute~ ♥



  4. You always have such big, gorgeous eyes!

    I like your makeup! I'm not too fond of colors, but I think I might just try out this look!

    You make me so jealous with all your cute purchases! I wish I could find such adorable things! Your new purse is so feminine and hime, too!

    Ohh! And I cannot wait til the next post to see you and your bf together! You guys will probably be super, duper cute together, huh?!

    Take care!

    <33 Rena

  5. cute bag! i love that shade of pink~
    wow the club had snow machines? i wish the clubs i went to here had cool events like that =_=

  6. love the bag!
    Cant wait to see your deco mirror!!

  7. I love the purse. So adorable XP.
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  8. omg such hot stuff! love the bag ^^

  9. yayayayay!
    Loving the make up Joey :)
    The bag is adorable. If they come in beige, I'd be super happy. Whoo only 2 more days until I'm old enough the hit the clubs!
    <3 TC BABES

  10. omg i wanted to buy that pearl Love bracelet, but i always put it back down. lol

    && the pink sling bag, i saw it at this store called PINK earlier today in the city. i sooo wana get it. coincedently that you got one.

    -- your always so bootiful. =)

  11. beautiful as always!! im loving the gold & black bangles , the love bracelet, gold & black chain bracelet (all that detail --- amazinggggg!), the pink bag -- MAN IM in love with everything!! you always get the best deals and stuff! thanks for sharing.. your eye makeup with the green shadow looks great on you!

  12. u always look gorgeous! and very photogenic too. the accessories are soooo nice

  13. sooo cute love ur make up :D
    hope ur vising my bllog :D

  14. You're soooo cute!! and you have such a cute blog! am your new follower ;)

  15. omg i have the same bag too! :)
    its the cutest thing ever but you can't put much in it. haha!
    gorgeous girl <3