Thursday, June 24, 2010

Break Ups & Heart Aches

hey everyone.

something sad happened today, my boyfriend broke up with me.
and i did say i will make a post about him and i!

(him and me at the grand opening of the club i promote for)

His name is Marc, 3 years older than me. he is half Filipino and Australian. we met on Dec last year through a mutual friend. Then we were an item on March 20th. We have been together for 3 months...

long story cut short:
some problems started to arise when i started promoting for a night club, and it came to a point where he wanted to break up, but i talked him into staying.
now that i think of it, that was wrong for me to do. i thought things were going well, as i would quit promoting and going clubbing for him. But noope, he told me how he felt last night and today we officially broke it off and i let go. i finally understood this relationship was going no where because he didn't allow us to move forward. i was the only one who keeps trying, and he wasn't making an effort, so i don't see the point in me trying any harder..

i realised i was blinded in a way by this relationship. i also realised i was the only one fighting to keep us together when he didn't really make an effort. i should have seen the signs.

(before we head out to the beach)

he was my 2nd boyfriend, since i don't play games because i prefer serious relationships. My 1st boyfriend an i was together for 2 years and 3 months.
but i am coping fine with this...i had a cry last night and today, i will build a bridge and get over it!

i know some of you out there have experienced the same/or something similar. but i am staying positive and you all should too if you are experiencing some hardships with your partner!

here are some pictures i'd like to share with you of our memories we shared!
many people tell me they expect me to date guys who are chinese/japanese/korean etc but i'm not picky as long as we get a long and stuff...

(the turtle we made together at the beach!)

it still hurts thinking back to the good times and memories we had made, even listening to some songs reminds me of him, such as songs we both listened to in his car...
we are both Supra lovers, and he owns one.

that night where he took me here and asked me was such a beautiful sight, i love the harbor bridge at night!

we went to play "Aqua golf" ! it was cool, it's like playing gold but you hit it into the water! lol

i loved surprising him with little things. such as these cute and yummy cupcakes!!!!

valentines 2010...

we both LOVED pocky!

it's sad that i have to give him back his apartment's sad to walkout the door and say goodbye to what we had. but i did not regret being with him at all, it was fun while it lasted.

we are always experiencing many things. i am young, you are young and we have so much more to experience and learn. of course i have learnt some things in our relationship, and it just makes me stronger and i can feel it.
i know if something is meant to be, it will happen one day!

the cute me2you bear he got me:

anyways, i have holiday soon, so i will blog more often! :)



  1. so sorry to hear you two broke up :((
    stay strong ! ♥

  2. this is sad :'( hope youre ok!

  3. il be your new bf! hehhee. cheer up ok. nobody has to tell you, you know your one strong lady. --- SMILE!

  4. aw babe i hope you're doing alright :( <33

  5. i'm very sorry that this happened :(
    get a good rest, maybe do some retail therapy or go to the spa~ but whatever you do, please do not cut your hair super short (i've seen way too many cases like that and it's not pretty...) ><
    you will make it through this!

  6. aww! hug*
    its okay hun. boys aren't everything in our world!
    plus, you're meeting me saturday right? ;) i'll give you a massive hug and hope things get better!

    btw! the event starts at 7pm so meet me around 6-6.30pm and we'll get the party starrrrrrrrrrtin'!

  7. Really sorry to hear it, love always hurts, but you'll get it over ^^ Sure!!
    Lots of support from Spain <3

  8. awee this is such a sad post!! im sorry your heart is sad =(

    it will be better soon enough!

  9. i'm so sorry to hear about this. but you are a strong girl, I can tell by this post. It's true, sometimes it's just not worth putting efforts into a relationship that's just going to end in the first place. you're right, no point in playing around. and if the person is not willing to make an effort, you can't make the effort for them. a relationship is a two way can't be just one-sided. i'm deepy sorry that you got hurt by this...but stay positive and keep smiling! : ) Just think of how happy you'll really be when Mr. Right comes along! : )

  10. Sorrii hun!

    But in the long run youll see the bright side of it.

    Itll get easier for you hopefully.

    Shan x

  11. *Sorri hun to hear that!

    I apologise for that mistake >3<...baka me.

  12. That's so sad :( i wish you will find the good one who will appreciate you as you are <3

    Be strong and enjoy life ^^ there is much good thing which will come to you ;D

  13. aww hunnie...its kinda weird but the same thing happened to me, i was also a club promoter before i met my bf, and i can tell he wasnt happy with it, simply because sometimes being a club promoter, you have to be flirty with other people to get them on your guestlist and what not. i decided to quit promoting last year. and i think that was the best decision for me and my boyfriend. we have been happy ever since :) but if it wasn't meant to be, then it wasn't meant to be. there are other guys out there who will support you do! :) <3

  14. aw I'm so sorry about the break up. However, it's best to move on eh?You are an adorable girl too so I bet you find a good love in the future ^^.
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  15. =[
    i broke up with my gf recently too


  16. Awww, so sad to hear you broke up :*(
    (Especially ironic since I do remember you saying you would post about him...)

    I'm glad you're being strong and moving forward though~ Maybe he isn't the right person; you are young, as you say, and life goes on~

    The turtle looks amazing :O

    Random: I remember you showed sticky photos of him with face smudged out a while ago and I thought how similar he looked to Taeyang, but now that I see his face, not really hehe~

  17. i totally understand how you feel. i just went through a break up a few weeks ago too. I know we girls always try to keep up and faithful in long relationship, but then only one word: No-feeling and he decided to break up. =( my heart was shattered but i think life must go on, why should we care about these heartless men...=) hope you feel better

  18. awww its okay hun! guys come and go! just don't regret any of them =] keep your head up!

  19. It sucks when things we work hard to keep don't work out the way we want it to. Feels like a big waste of time just to end up being hurt.
    I really hope you do "build a bridge", a solid hard one. You are a strong and beautiful girl!
    Lol my first clubbing experience was at the club you promote~
    Anyway, take care <3


  20. I'm so sorry :(
    Hopefully everything will sort itself out
    But you're really strong and hope you're ok!~

  21. I'm sorry... It happens the same for me last week and I'm still so sad >_<
    FIGHT <3

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