Wednesday, July 7, 2010

UPDATE: Make Up Purchases

hey everyone!

i want to thank each and every one of you for your supporting and kind comments of the rough patch i was experiencing...*heart*

(before i went clubbing lol)

sorry i have not been blogging! i am on holidays and i was not home for a week so i had no access to a computer, and these days i have been applying for jobs in Fashion Retail and have been going to interviews and hanging out with friends!

but of course i have taken pictures of what i have recently purchased!
i will do a separate post for the Accessories i have bought too :)


1. I ordered GEO Nudy Golden Blue lens (CH-932) from a Facebook store based in Australia! it cost me only $20 AUD for the lens which is cheap :)

it also came with free lens case :) BUT the sad thing is, i only wore these ONCE when i went to clubbing a few weeks ago! and during the night one of the lens popped out of my eye (i dont know how/when because i was intoxicated) but it was so sad when i sobered up and found out one had gone :( i really like these lenses/style! i might re order them again or buy a different blue lens lol

i have a problem where sometimes the lens can pop out because of my eye size. it really annoys me when a lens may pop out when i blink :( i don't like putting back lens on once my make up is done.

2. Remember my past post where i bought these bargain lashes?

this is how Style 056 looks like on me:

(1st picture i am wearing GEO Nudy Golden Blue! 2nd picture are my Brown Barbie KING Size)

3. Remember when i told you i ordered 3 products from AVON? here they are :)

* Glimmersticks eye liner in Blackest Black: $4 AUD

i love this eyeliner! it is really smooth and it is also VERY black :)

* Ideal Shade Creme-to-Powder Foundation in Natural Beige: $12.50 AUD

this really does what it's name says! when you touch it, it feels creamy, almost like a mousse foundation, but once you apply it to the face, instead of a cream texture it feels like powder!
i really like the secret compartment in this product! i can also store my false eyelashes or other small things in there!

the downside of this product i don't like is the SMELL of the foundation! to me, it smells really strong and artificial (lol?) i can practically smell it off my face and i don't like it :(

* Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation in Natural Beige: $12.50 AUD

absolutely LOVE this foundation! i love liquid foundation :) this feels smooth and light and it smells great! it smells fresh and light, unlike the other foundation!

4. 0520 Eyelashes: $9 AUD

please don't be fooled by the packaging! this is obviously a rip off of the Japanese D.U.P Eyelashes packaging haha but i really liked the eyelashes so i bought it!

this short *lazy* make up tutorial shows me wearing these eyelashes, i love them!

my whole i know i rarely take shots showing my full frontal face!

5. Korean brand pink blush: $8 AUD

i love this shade of pink! it is very cute and reminds me of a shade from CandyDoll :)

you can clearly see the blush properly in this photo :) lol my hair is like 2 different shades now from fading! XD

on the 28th July, i had my 1st Fashion Design presentation! i will post pictures of me modeling for my friend's presentation and i will also show you the dress i had made and got my friend to model :)
for my model who was going to wear my dress, i was experimenting with hairstyles to create for her that will suit my dress! i decided to make a bow shape inspired 'do! i was really proud of it :)

hehe me being comfortable at home with no make up and in home clothes :P

anyways i hope this was an interesting post!
please keep watch for the next few posts :)

have a fun week everyone!!



  1. Goodluck with all of your interviews! Your lashes look great!!

  2. U look pretty as always ^_^...what FB group did you buy ur lenses from?! :p
    WOW! I tote's didn't know they had lashes at HOT DOLLAR!! defo try goin' in there when I see one!! Thanks darl!!

  3. what fb store did you get the lenses ? :D 20 bucks for a pair is cheap ^^

  4. You look so pretty in your pictures! ^//^
    It's really sad that you lost one of the gold-blue lenses, they looked very good =/

  5. you're soo pretty ! ;___; ♥
    those lashes makes your eyes look super sexy, like it !

  6. You are always so beautiful. :) Really gorgeous pics of you!

  7. So pretty as usual~
    Haha I can't believe your eyes are big enough that lenses can fall out when you blink xD

  8. love the lashes! the blush looks really cute too.
    sorry about the lenses! i'm always constantly asking people if my lenses are still in when i'm clubbing lol i'm always afraid that will happen to me ><
    good luck with everything ♥

  9. 成功多屬於那些很快做出決定,卻又不輕易變更的人。而失敗也經常屬於那些很難做出決定,卻又經常變更的人.................................................................

  10. You are so beautiful <3 and I love those purchases. I was going to try those really thick eyelashes but I'm waiting till I finish my old set -_-;;

  11. I love the hairbow!
    Cant wait to see your designs~

  12. You are so pretty!
    Love your blog ^^


  13. dudeeeeee how come i NEVERRRRR find awesome eyelashes in hot dollarrrrr :(